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Embassy Information

Photos from the Ambassador's Visit to Northern Japan

Ishinomaki, Japan
March 23, 2011, 4:16 p.m.
Total: 8 photos

Ambassador John V. Roos visited the earthquake-stricken areas of northern Japan on March 23.

Statement by Ambassador Roos - Disaster Relief Shelter at Watanoha Elementary School

Thank you for having Susie and me here today. Nature - it can destroy precious human life, it can destroy property, but it cannot destroy the human spirit, and today here I've witnessed the best of humanity.

The thoughts and prayers of my country, the United States, are with you. We are here to help. We love you. We will be here for you today, tomorrow, in the months and years to come. The Japanese people, you in this room, are the most resilient people in the world and I know - I have no doubt - that you will recover from this horrible tragedy. Thank you.