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Former President Bill Clinton Meets TOMODACHI Youth in Osaka

February 4, 2013

Taking time out from his busy schedule, former President Bill Clinton met with young Japanese students at an event in Osaka on Feb. 3 to support the TOMODACHI Initiative. The President chatted with students and encouraged them to pursue their ambitions energetically.

The President briefly explained about his work as an ex-President and the goals of the Clinton Foundation. He talked about how all students in the group could themselves make their mark and fulfill their dreams. He challenged them and at the same time empowered them to make a difference in the world.

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President Clinton supports the TOMODACHI Initiative, which offers study abroad opportunities for Japanese youth.

Listening to students express their interests and concerns.

It was an informal event where young people could interact freely with President Clinton.

President Clinton was very impressed with these students. He said that with young people like these, "Japan has a very bright future."

Many students wore their TOMODACHI T-shirts while chatting with President Clinton.