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Embassy Information

Tips for Applying for a Position Vacancy at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo

  • Indicate what job you are applying for and the location of the position.
    Example: "Please accept my application for the political assistant position in your Tokyo office."

  • Indicate where you can be contacted, should you be selected for an interview.
    Example: Telephone numbers, e-mail address, mailing address.

  • Address the qualifications required for the position in your resume, application or cover letter.
    Example: "Qualification Required: Level IV (Fluent) English is required."
    In your resume, application or cover letter, indicate that you have this skill by attaching copies of test score certificates or other evidence of language ability. Incomplete applications will not be forwarded to the selecting office for consideration.

English Language Qualifications

Currently our English language standards are based on the following tests with the following minimum score requirements. Only scores less than five years old will be considered valid.

V (Professional/Translator) 1 900 610 A+/A 68
IV (Fluent) 1.5 850 590 B 63
III (Good Working Knowledge) 2 650 520 C 59
II (Limited Knowledge) 3 400 435    
I (Rudimentary)          

Applicants providing sufficient "Versant" scores, measuring listening and speaking, will be considered eligible but will be required to provide verification of writing abilities by completing one of the four tests above.

"CASEC" scores (scores converted to STEP/TOIEC equivalents) will also be considered.

Japanese Language Qualifications

Currently our Japanese language standards for non-native speakers are based on the following tests. Only scores less than five years old will be considered valid.

USG Level Japanese Language Proficiency Test
V (Professional)  
IV (Fluent) Level N1
III (Good Working Knowledge) Level N2
II (Limited Knowledge) Level N3 / N4
I (Rudimentary) Level N5

Here is more information on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

"J-CAT" is another Japanese-language test to assess your Japanese proficiency.

  • If you are using an application form, complete all areas of the application, including areas of citizenship, veteran's preference, and educational background. In areas of work experience, list all skills and abilities that may pertain to the qualifications required.
    Example: Under "Other Qualifications," put in language test scores, computer skills, software knowledge, licenses (e.g. drivers license, interpreter license), typing skills (words per minute), and machines you are familiar operating (multi-line phones, fax machines, etc).

  • If you are not a Japanese citizen, indicate your legal authority to work in Japan by attaching a copy of your visa. Also indicate your country of citizenship. See also "Who May Apply"

  • If there is a minimum amount of experience required for a qualification, such as "5 years supervisory experience of at least 3 people is required," indicate on your application how many people you supervised, for how long and in what capacity.

  • Include relevant volunteer work experience listing skills used, time spent and all accomplishments.