Fourth Japan-U.S. Consultation on the BSE issue

October 19, 2004

On Oct. 21 and 22 (Thursday and Friday), the Government of Japan and the United States Government will hold a consultation in Tokyo at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the BSE issue.

At the Consultation, the two Governments will discuss issues related to the resumption of mutual trade of U.S. and Japanese beef, based on the progress made regarding the issues since the Third Consultation that took place on April 24, 2004.

Participants in the consultation are as follows:


  • Kenichiro Sasae, Director-General, Economic Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Takashi Toguchi, Director-General, Department of Food Safety, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare;
  • Hiroshi Nakagawa, Director-General of the Food Safety and Consumer Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries;
  • Katsuaki Suguira, Director, Information and Emergency Response Division, Food Safety Commission Secretariat, Cabinet Office (Observer);
  • and other officials;

United States:

  • J.B. Penn, Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services, USDA
  • Chuck Lambert, Deputy Under Secretary, Marketing & Regulatory Programs
  • Merle D. Pierson, Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety
  • Ellen Terpstra, Administrator, Foreign Agricultural Service
  • Stephen Sundlof, Director of the Food and Drug Administrationfs Center for Veterinary Medicine
  • Beth Bechdol, Special Assistant to the Under Secretary for FFAS
  • Steve Wickman, Office of Agricultural, Biotechnology, and Textile Trade Affairs, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, Department of State
  • John Neuffer, USTR