Embassy Archives - 2005

Dec. 29, 2005Tsunami Anniversary Spotlights the Lessons of Disaster
Dec. 27, 2005U.S. Welcomes Seoul's Efforts with Pyongyang on Six-Party Talks
Dec. 25, 2005Ambassador Schieffer: U.S. Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carriers are Safe
Dec. 22, 2005U.S. Concerned by Pyongyang's Talk of Constructing New Reactors
Dec. 16, 2005Agriculture Counsellor Berman Discusses Beef in Asahi Article
Dec. 16, 2005Annual Report on China WTO Compliance Shows Mixed Results
Dec. 15, 2005United States Urges Japan To Stay Engaged on Beef Standards
Dec. 13, 2005Japan Reopens Market to Imports of U.S. Beef
Dec. 13, 2005North Korea Must Live Up to Its U.N. Commitments on Human Rights
Dec. 12, 2005Agriculture Secretary in Video Conference on Beef Trade Resumption
Dec. 12, 2005Ambassador Schieffer's Statement on Resumption of Beef Trade
Dec. 11, 2005Agriculture Secretary Johanns Welcomes Japan's Beef Market Opening
Dec. 9, 2005Senior Dialogue Examines Framework of U.S.-China Relationship
Dec. 8, 2005United States Presents Japan with Trade Reform Recommendations
Dec. 7, 2005USTR Press Release: 2005 Regulatory Reform Recommendations
Dec. 3, 2005Harty on Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction
Nov. 30, 2005Ambassador Schieffer Speaks at FCCJ
Nov. 22, 2005J.Thomas Schieffer: Reflecting on the Bush-Koizumi summit
Nov. 18, 2005Bush, Koizumi Reaffirm Strong U.S-Japan Alliance
Nov. 10, 2005Ambassador Schieffer meets with Yokosuka Mayor Kabaya
Oct. 28, 2005Nuclear-powered Carrier to Replace Kitty Hawk
Oct. 26, 2005Lawless Announces Agreement on Futenma
Oct. 24, 2005State's Burns Gives Press Conference in Tokyo
Oct. 17, 2005Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan Speaks in Tokyo
Oct. 12, 2005Japan's Economic Reforms "A Guide for Other Nations," Snow Says
Sept. 22, 2005U.S. Thanks Japan at Conclusion of 2005 Aichi World Expo
Sept. 11, 2005Ambassador Schieffer Speaks at 9/11 Memorial Concert
Sept. 2, 2005Embassy Expresses Appreciation for Japanese Aid to Hurricane Katrina Victims
July 20, 2005Ambassador Schieffer Addresses Japan National Press Club
July 5, 2005U.S. Comments on Japan's Telecommunications Draft Guidelines
July 2, 2005Ambassador J. Thomas Schieffer's Independence Day Message
June 24, 2005Assistant Secretary of State Gene Dewey's Press Briefing on Humanitarian Assistance
June 20, 2005Spellings Speaks at Aichi Expo U.S. 'National Day' Festivities
June 15, 2005Spellings to Lead Presidential Delegation for World Expo 'America Day' in Aichi
May 6, 2005U.S.-South Korea Alliance Mutually Beneficial After 50 Years
May 6, 2005U.S. Security Talks with Australia, Japan To Intensify, Rice Says
May 2, 2005Ambassador Schieffer Visits World Expo 2005 in Aichi
April 28, 2005U.S. Delegation on Beef Ends Japan Visit with Media Briefing (Foreign Media)
April 28, 2005U.S. Delegation on Beef Ends Japan Visit with Briefing (Japanese Media)
April 18, 2005Visit of U.S. Delegation on Beef
April 18, 2005Ambassador Schieffer Holds First Embassy Press Conference
April 12, 2005U.S. Government Comments to the Japan Food Safety Commission - April 12, 2005
April 11, 2005Transportation Secretary Mineta Speaks at ACCJ
April 8, 2005Ambassador J. Thomas Schieffer: Statement on his Arrival in Japan
March 28, 2005 M&A and Revitalizing Japan's Economy: 21st Century Tools for a World Class Economy
March 17, 2005Opening of 2005 World Exposition in Aichi, Japan
March 16, 2005Renovations Complete on Nagoya Consulate and American Center
March 15, 2005Japanese students, Pacific Fleet Band communicate through music
March 14, 2005U.S. Embassy Announces Tax Consultation Opportunity
March 11, 2005Transportation Security Administration Adds Lighters to Prohibited Items List
March 10, 2005Japan's Role in Supporting Balanced Global Growth
March 9, 2005U.S. Statement at WTO on Japan's Beef Import Ban
March 8, 2005Secretary Rice Salutes International Women's Day, March 8
March 7, 2005Change in Fees for Consular Services Effective March 8, 2005
March 4, 2005Questions and Answers on BSE
March 2, 2005Ambassador Khalilzad: "Post-election Afghanistan and Peacebuilding Support"
Feb. 25, 2005U.S.-Japan Economic Relations: Never Better
Feb. 22, 2005U.S.-Japan Investment Initiative: Seminars to Facilitate investment in Japan
Feb. 19, 2005Joint Statement: U.S.-Japan Security Consultative Committee
Feb. 18, 2005U.S.-Japan Relations: The Outlook for 2005
Feb. 17, 2005Ambassador Baker's Farewell Message
Feb. 17, 2005Secretary Rice to Meet Foreign Minister Machimura Feb. 19
Feb. 17, 2005Ambassador Baker Notes Growing World Concern About North Korea
Feb. 11, 2005Under Secretary Bolton Meets Japanese Press in Tokyo
Feb. 11, 2005Ambassador Baker Welcomes Yoshinoya Beef Bowl Day
Feb. 10, 2005Bolton Meets the Press at Tokyo Embassy Roundtable
Feb. 9, 2005Ambassador Baker Welcomes Japanese Expert Panel Decision on Beef
Feb. 8, 2005Secretary Rice Speaks at 'Sciences Po' in Paris
Feb. 7, 2005"Coordinating Allied Approaches to China": Bolton
Jan. 31, 2005Meeting the Development Challenge: Treasury Secretary John Snow
Jan. 27, 2005Ambassador Baker Receives ACCJ "Person of the Year" Award
Jan. 25, 2005Ambassador Baker Speaks at LDP 50th Anniversary Forum
Jan. 24, 2005Ambassador Baker Speaks at America-Japan Society's New Year Reception
Jan. 21, 2005U.S., Japan share challenges, ideal friendship: Ambassador Baker
Jan. 20, 2005U.S. Officials Speak at Kobe Conference
Jan. 20, 2005USDA Official Discusses Beef Trade Issues in Tokyo
Jan. 20, 2005Ambassador Baker Addresses World Conference on Disaster Reduction
Jan. 20, 2005U.S. Commitment to Develop a Global Tsunami Warning System
Jan. 19, 2005Leonard M. Rogers
Jan. 14, 2005U.S. Participation in the World Conference on Disaster Reduction
Jan. 13, 2005Bush Sums Up Tsunami Relief Efforts in Japanese Newspaper Article