Embassy Archives - 2008

Dec. 18, 2008Ambassador Schieffer's Holiday Message 2008
Dec. 12, 2008Statement by U.S. Ambassador to Japan J. Thomas Schieffer: Diet Extension of MSDF Refueling Operation
Dec. 12, 2008Statement by U.S. Ambassador to Japan J. Thomas Schieffer: Diet Extension of MSDF Refueling Operation
Dec. 10, 2008Address to The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan: "Reflections of an American Abroad"
Nov. 13, 2008Japan-U.S. Investment Initiative - 2008 "Invest Japan" Seminar
Nov. 6, 2008Ambassador Schieffer Speaks at Post-Election Press Conference
Oct. 29, 2008Joint-Statement by Co-Chairpersons of Japan-United States Bilateral Investment Working Group
Oct. 20, 2008Enter Your Video in the "Democracy Video Challenge"
Oct. 12, 2008State Department Documents on Moving the Six Party Process Forward
Oct. 11, 2008Special Briefing On North Korea
Oct. 11, 2008U.S.-North Korea Understandings on Verification
Oct. 11, 2008U.S.-DPRK Agreement on Denuclearization Verification Measures
Oct. 10, 2008Address to Tsuda College
Oct. 10, 2008Absentee Voting
Oct. 10, 2008From the Editor
Oct. 9, 2008U.S. Immigration and Permanent Residency: Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery Program Moves to All-Electronic Processing
Sept. 25, 2008Remarks Upon Arrival of the USS George Washington
Sept. 11, 2008Remarks for U.S. Embassy 9/11 Memorial
Sept. 2, 2008U.S. Embassy Information Sheet – USS Houston - Japan
Aug. 31, 2008Responses from Speaker Pelosi to Questions from Children in Hiroshima
Aug. 8, 2008Assistant Secretary Boucher Addresses Japan Press Club
Aug. 7, 2008President Bush Speaks in Thailand on Aug. 7
July 8, 2008Recent Developments in U.S.-Japan Economic Relations
July 3, 2008U.S.-Japan Investment Initiative 2008 Report
July 3, 2008Independence Day Message 2008: “Celebrating the Fourth of July”
June 25, 2008President Bush Discusses North Korea
June 25, 2008Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP)
June 25, 2008Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN)
June 25, 2008International Pacific Research Center
June 25, 2008U.S.-Japan Workshop on Climate Actions and Developmental Co-benefits
June 25, 2008Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS)
June 25, 2008Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development & Climate (APP)
June 25, 2008Major Economies Process on Energy Security and Climate Change
June 25, 2008U.S.-Japan Partnerships for the Environment
June 25, 2008Economic Growth at the Heart of Development: An Interview with Henrietta Fore
June 25, 2008From the Editor
June 18, 2008U.S. Policy Toward Asia
June 9, 2008Illegal Wildlife Trafficking Public Service Announcement
June 4, 2008DHS Announces Pre-Travel Authorization for U.S.-Bound Travelers from Visa Waiver Countries
May 31, 2008Remarks Prior to the Departure of the USS Kitty Hawk
May 30, 2008Promoting Food Security Worldwide: A U.S. Commitment
May 30, 2008Ambassador J. Thomas Schieffer Discusses U.S.-Japan Relations in Online State Department Forum
May 22, 2008Statement by U.S. Ambassador to Japan J. Thomas Schieffer: Responding to Global Food Price Crisis
May 20, 2008Address to The Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan: "The Price of Security in a Changing World"
May 20, 2008U.S. Embassy Statement Regarding Day of Solidarity with the Cuban People
April 21, 2008Ambassador Schieffer Speaks at Life Sciences Summit
April 16, 2008Volunteer Spirit in the Embassy
April 16, 2008Japan’s Fight against Modern-Day Slavery (Part II)
April 16, 2008Stop Bullying Now: An Interview with Dr. Dorothy Espelage
April 16, 2008From the Editor
April 8, 2008Address to the Yomiuri International Economic Society
April 3, 2008U.S. Embassy Statement Regarding the Murder of Mr. Masaaki Takahashi in Yokosuka City
March 15, 2008Remarks on the Post-2012 Climate Regime
March 5, 2008Prevention and Early Detection: Indispensable to Patient Care
Feb. 22, 2008To Dream and Hope, Etcetera.
Feb. 22, 2008Martin Luther King's Dream in Uniting World
Feb. 22, 2008Martin Luther King's Dream in a Divided World
Feb. 13, 2008Statement by U.S. Ambassador J. Thomas Schieffer to the Governor and the People of Okinawa
Feb. 1, 2008We must fight child sexual abuse
Jan. 31, 2008Remarks at the Japan Society
Jan. 25, 2008U.S. and Japan Sign Alliance Support Agreement
Jan. 23, 2008Did you know?
Jan. 23, 2008Provenance of Okinawan Artifacts in the United States
Jan. 23, 2008Japan's Fight against Modern-Day Slavery (Part I)
Jan. 23, 2008American Presidential Elections
Jan. 23, 2008From the Editor
Jan. 11, 2008Statement by U.S. Ambassador J. Thomas Schieffer on Japan's Passage of a New OEF Refueling Support Law