Embassy Archives - 2010

Dec. 30, 2010Happy New Year!
Dec. 29, 2010Ambassador Roos Highlights U.S.-Japan Relationship in New York City
Dec. 27, 2010U.S. Senate Approves New START Treaty
Dec. 27, 2010Secretary Clinton Sends Birthday Wishes to Emperor
Dec. 17, 2010Release of the First Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review
Dec. 15, 2010In Memory of Ambassador Richard Holbrooke
Dec. 14, 2010State Department Focuses on Human Rights, Disability Rights
Dec. 13, 2010Joint Statement on Whaling and Safety at Sea
Dec. 13, 2010Ambassador Roos Speaks to Students about Entrepreneurship, Visits Innovation Center
Dec. 10, 2010Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Visits Tokyo
Dec. 10, 2010Attention U.S. Citizen Voters: Please Take This Survey
Dec. 8, 2010Ambassador Roos Visits Gunma Prefecture
Dec. 7, 2010Republic of Korea, Japan, and U.S. Release Trilateral Statement
Dec. 7, 2010U.S. Citizen Receives International Biology Prize
Dec. 6, 2010U.S.-Japan Joint-Bilateral Training Exercise "Keen Sword 2011"
Dec. 3, 2010"Voices of a New Generation" Event at UNSC
Dec. 3, 2010Opportunity for Young People to Get Involved in the Work of the United Nations Security Council
Dec. 2, 2010U.S. Condemns Illegal Disclosure of Classified Information
Nov. 26, 2010United States Condemns Attack on South Korean Island
Nov. 22, 2010Energy Secretary Chu Visits Japan, Emphasizes Clean Energy
Nov. 16, 2010President Obama Visits Japan, Attends APEC Meetings
Nov. 12, 2010President Obama's Trip to Asia
Nov. 8, 2010Former State Department Official Receives Imperial Decoration
Nov. 5, 2010Dialogue and Remarks on the Internet Economy
Nov. 5, 2010Eisenhower Fellowships Announce 2011 Northeast Asia Regional Program
Nov. 3, 2010Ambassador Addresses Symposium on Entrepreneurship
Nov. 1, 2010Celebrating Thanksgiving
Nov. 1, 2010Joint Press Statement for the U.S.-Japan Policy Cooperation Dialogue on the Internet Economy
Oct. 29, 2010Secretary Clinton and Foreign Minister Maehara Meet in Hawaii
Oct. 29, 2010Embassy Official Emphasizes U.S. Commitment to APEC
Oct. 29, 2010Secretary Clinton on America's Engagement in the Asia-Pacific
Oct. 26, 2010U.S. and Japan Sign Open Skies Deal
Oct. 25, 2010Multi-Nation Demarche Calls for Japan to Ratify the Hague Convention
Oct. 22, 2010State Department Commends Dr. Negishi and Dr. Diamond, Nobel Prize Recipients and Fulbright Program Alumni
Oct. 22, 2010By the Ambassadors of Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, and the Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Japan
Oct. 21, 2010Secretary Clinton Encourages LGBT Youth
Oct. 21, 2010Ambassador and Ms. Roos Visit Kumamoto
Oct. 20, 2010Ambassador Plants Historic Cherry Tree at Local School
Oct. 19, 2010White House Science Fair
Oct. 18, 2010Secretary Clinton's Remarks on Innovation and American Leadership
Oct. 15, 2010New "American View" Issue Focuses on Study Abroad
Oct. 8, 2010Diversity Visa Lottery Registration
Oct. 8, 2010Fulbright Alumnus wins 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Oct. 7, 2010Assistant Secretary of State Campbell Visits Japan
Oct. 4, 2010APEC Women's Entrepreneurship Summit Held in Gifu
Oct. 1, 2010The APEC Women's Entrepreneurship Summit
Oct. 1, 20102012 Diversity Visa Lottery Program Registration Period
Oct. 1, 2010Ambassador Roos Invites the Public to Follow him on Twitter
Oct. 1, 2010Ambassador Roos Meets Foreign Minister Maehara
Oct. 1, 2010Register to Attend "Families That Work" Event
Oct. 1, 2010Follow Ambassador Roos on Twitter!
Sept. 30, 2010Assistant Secretary of Defense Presents Award to Embassy Staff Member
Sept. 29, 2010Assistant Secretary Campbell on Meetings in New York
Sept. 28, 2010Ambassador Roos Visits Nagasaki
Sept. 27, 2010Secretary Clinton and Foreign Minister Maehara Hold Bilateral Meeting
Sept. 27, 2010President Obama's Meeting with Prime Minister Kan
Sept. 24, 2010President Obama Addresses the U.N. General Assembly
Sept. 15, 2010Registration for "American Studies Conference 2010"
Sept. 14, 2010U.S. and Japan Moving Forward on U.S. Force Realignment
Sept. 10, 2010Secretary Clinton Delivers Major Foreign Policy Speech
Sept. 10, 2010Former U.S. POWs Visit Japan Under Japanese-American POW Friendship Program
Sept. 8, 2010America Expo 2010 in October
Sept. 7, 2010U.S. Remains Reliable Supplier of Wheat to Japan and the World
Sept. 3, 2010Jake Shimabukuro Performs at Ambassador's Residence
Sept. 3, 2010New ESTA Fee for Visa Waiver Program
Sept. 2, 2010Ambassador Discusses Entrepreneurship at Fair
Sept. 2, 2010President Obama Announces End of Combat Operations in Iraq
Sept. 1, 2010Futenma Replacement Facility Bilateral Experts Study Report
Aug. 30, 2010Ambassador Congratulates Entrepreneurs
Aug. 30, 2010Ambassador Roos Visits Japanese Health Facilities
Aug. 27, 2010Release of Aijalon Mahli Gomes
Aug. 20, 2010U.S. and Japanese Experts to visit Okinawa and Hawaii for Hawaii-Okinawa Clean and Efficient Energy Partnership
Aug. 19, 2010Ambassador Welcomes Future U.S. Leaders
Aug. 18, 2010American Leadership in Health Around the World
Aug. 13, 2010Ramadan Messages from President Obama and Secretary Clinton
Aug. 12, 2010Scholarship Recipients Meet Ambassador Roos
Aug. 9, 2010DHS, CBP Announce Interim Final Rule for ESTA Fee
Aug. 6, 2010Ambassador Roos Represents the U.S. at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony
Aug. 6, 2010Ambassador John V. Roos Represented the United States of America at the Aug. 6, 2010 Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony
Aug. 5, 2010Discussion of Sanctions on Iran and North Korea
Aug. 2, 2010U.S.-Japan Relations for the 21st Century
July 30, 2010Summer Issue of "American View"
July 29, 2010Launch of Cross Pacific Innovation Network Initiative
July 27, 2010Ambassador Roos Meets Minister Yamada
July 23, 2010Secretary Clinton and Secretary Gates Visit South Korea
July 21, 2010Secretary Clinton in Afghanistan
July 17, 2010Ask Us Questions about Studying Abroad
July 15, 2010Six Month Commemoration of Haiti Earthquake
May 27, 2010U.S.-Japan Dialogue to Promote Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Job Creation
April 27, 2010Hiroshi Kato Honored by U.S. Embassy for Promotion of Human Rights
April 22, 2010Earth Day Message by Ambassador John V. Roos
April 14, 2010Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C.
March 18, 2010By the Ambassadors of Australia, Canada, France, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States
Feb. 26, 2010Doing Right: Acceding to the Hague Adoption Convention
Feb. 24, 2010Statement on AUSTR Wendy Cutler's Meeting with Cabinet Office Senior Vice Minister Kouhei Ohtsuka
Feb. 17, 2010Marine General Stalder Speaks at Tokyo American Center
Jan. 30, 2010Joint Press Statement (International Child Abduction - Eight Nations)
Jan. 29, 2010The Enduring Importance of our Security Alliance
Jan. 22, 2010U.S. Renews Call for Japan to Accede to Hague Convention Concerning International Child Abduction
Jan. 19, 201050th Anniversary of Security Treaty: U.S.-Japan Alliance for the 21st Century
Jan. 19, 2010The 50th Anniversary of the U.S.-Japan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security
Jan. 12, 2010Remarks at the America-Japan Society New Year's Reception