Embassy Archives - 2006

Dec. 29, 2006United States Expands Tsunami Warning Capability
Dec. 28, 2006Events in Memory of Former President Gerald Ford
Dec. 28, 2006Coalition General Calls 2007 a “Year of Transition” in Iraq
Dec. 28, 2006League of Women Voters Educates the American Electorate
Dec. 28, 2006“American Original” James Brown Inspired Many
Dec. 28, 2006Gerald Ford, Former U.S. President, Dead at 93
Dec. 21, 2006Ambassador Schieffer's Holiday Message 2006
Dec. 20, 2006Foreign Language Teaching Assistants Share Impressions of U.S.
Dec. 19, 2006Korean Peninsula Six-Party Talks Resume in Beijing
Dec. 18, 2006U.S., China Agree on Reform Principles, Treasury Secretary Says
Dec. 18, 2006China, U.S. Partner To Advance Clean Energy Technology
Dec. 18, 2006State Department Gets 6.4 Million Entries for 2008 Visa Lottery
Dec. 18, 2006Incoming 110th Congress Reflects American Diversity
Dec. 15, 2006Six-Party Process Entering New Phase, U.S. Envoy Says
Dec. 15, 2006Freedom of Information Laws Benefit Government and Public
Dec. 15, 2006Treasury Chief Urges China To Balance Growth, Cut Trade Surplus
Dec. 14, 2006Top U.S. Official Cites Progress in Human Trafficking Battle
Dec. 14, 2006China Has Mixed Record on WTO Compliance, U.S. Trade Agency Says
Dec. 12, 2006Bush Administration Welcomes Resumption of Korean Nuclear Talks
Dec. 12, 2006U.S. Dialogue with China Is Vital to Future Prosperity
Dec. 12, 2006U.S. Commitment to Asia-Pacific Cooperation Remains Strong
Dec. 12, 2006High-Level U.S.-China Talks Focus on Medium-, Long-Term Gains
Dec. 11, 2006U.S. Partners with Six Nations for Sea Freight Security
Dec. 11, 2006Space Shuttle Lifts Off in First Night Launch Since Columbia Accident
Dec. 11, 2006Donors Pledge Nearly $500 Million to Avian Flu Fight
Dec. 11, 2006China, South Korea Urged To Press North Korea on Human Rights
Dec. 8, 2006Bush and Britain’s Blair Consider Course Ahead in Middle East
Dec. 7, 2006Bush Says He Will Take Iraq Report Seriously in Deliberations
Dec. 7, 2006United States Supports Research To Document Endangered Languages
Dec. 4, 2006Online Materials Broadening Global Access to Education
Dec. 4, 2006Bush Administration Seeks Reforms for Visa Waiver Program
Dec. 4, 2006United States To Ban Exports of Luxury Goods to North Korea
Dec. 4, 2006U.S., Thai Officials Celebrate Tsunami-Detection Device Launch
Dec. 1, 2006Bush, Iraq’s Maliki To Speed Transfer of Security to Iraqis
Dec. 1, 2006U.S. Awaits North Korean Response on Resumption of Nuclear Talks
Nov. 30, 2006Incoming U.S. Congress Seen Not Changing Trade Agenda
Nov. 29, 2006U.S., India Forging Global Partnership, State Official Says
Nov. 29, 2006New Training Programs Will Help Fight Trafficking in Persons
Nov. 27, 2006Bush, Iraq’s Maliki To Confer on Iraqi Security Forces
Nov. 27, 2006World AIDS Pandemic Still Expanding, United Nations Reports
Nov. 27, 2006Multimedia Initiative Helps Chinese Students Study in the USA
Nov. 27, 2006Fulbright Science and Technology Award Winners Announced
Nov. 22, 2006Talks with North Korea to Resume in December, U.S. Official Says
Nov. 22, 2006U.S. Protests Japan’s Announced Return to Whaling in Antarctic
Nov. 21, 2006APEC Leaders Embrace President Bush’s Vision
Nov. 21, 2006Asia-Pacific Leaders Commit to Free Trade, Security, Community
Nov. 20, 2006Bush Engages Asia-Pacific Leaders Bilaterally, Multilaterally
Nov. 20, 2006Asia-Pacific Economic Forum Fosters Sense of Community, Rice Says
Nov. 20, 2006Panel Urges Congressional Action on U.S.-China Security Issues
Nov. 20, 2006Bush Sees Hope and Dynamism in Vietnam
Nov. 15, 2006APEC Meeting To Explore Asia-Pacific Free Trade Agreement
Nov. 15, 2006World Needs To Expand Alternative Energy, U.S. Energy Chief Says
Nov. 15, 2006American Indian Rituals Feature in Popular Museum Exhibition
Nov. 14, 2006U.S. Schools Attracting Growing Number of Non-U.S. Students
Nov. 14, 2006Presidents, Celebrities Inaugurate Martin Luther King Memorial
Nov. 13, 2006Education Secretary Spellings Speaks at Waseda University
Nov. 13, 2006Assistant Secretary of State Dina Powell Speaks at Waseda University
Nov. 13, 2006Ambassador Schieffer Speaks before U.S.-Japan Business Council
Nov. 13, 2006Chinese Official Named World Health Organization Director-General
Nov. 13, 2006South Korea Loosens, Clarifies Trade Restrictions on U.S. Beef
Nov. 13, 2006Bush, Congressional Leaders Discuss Agenda of Outgoing Congress
Nov. 13, 2006U.S. To Focus on Trade, Global Security at Asia-Pacific Meetings
Nov. 9, 2006Rumsfeld Resigns; Bush Names Former CIA Director as Replacement
Nov. 9, 2006Bush To Seek Common Ground with Democrats Following Election
Nov. 9, 2006South Korea, U.S. Have Productive Bilateral Security Talks
Nov. 9, 2006Following Election Day, Some States Still Counting Votes
Nov. 8, 2006Foreign Policy Expected To Dominate U.S. Midterm Elections
Nov. 8, 2006Long-Term Data Confirm Fishing Puts Species in "Double Jeopardy"
Nov. 8, 2006Students Invited to Enter "Doors to Diplomacy" Web Site Contest
Nov. 7, 2006U.S. Works on Adaptation, Technology Transfer at Climate Meeting
Nov. 7, 2006Democracy Development Long-Term Task, Rice Says
Nov. 6, 2006International Enrollment in U.S. Graduate Schools Rising
Nov. 6, 2006New Bird Flu Virus Replacing Other Strains in Southern China
Nov. 6, 2006U.S. Conducting Strategic Consultations in Asia
Nov. 6, 2006U.S. Midterm Elections First Test of New Voting Guidelines
Nov. 2, 2006Press Group Deplores China, Cuba Attacks on Internet Journalists
Nov. 2, 2006New Tools Encourage Americans To Exercise Right to Vote
Nov. 1, 2006The Ichiro Factor
Nov. 1, 2006Asia-Pacific Partnership Countries Endorse Clean-Energy Projects
Nov. 1, 2006U.S. Welcomes North Korean Decision To Return to Six-Party Talks
Nov. 1, 20062006 Elections Reflect American Diversity
Oct. 31, 2006Nations Meet in Morocco on How To Counter Nuclear Terror Threat
Oct. 30, 2006Panel Urges Incoming U.N. Secretary-General To Prioritize Reform
Oct. 30, 2006Most Visa Waiver Program Nations Meet Electronic Passport Deadline
Oct. 30, 2006More Students from Other Nations Earning Doctorates in U.S.
Oct. 27, 2006Ambassador Schieffer Speaks at Japan National Press Club
Oct. 27, 2006U.N. Official Sees Bird Flu as Threat for Next Decade
Oct. 27, 2006Opinion Pollster Cites Uncertainties in U.S. Midterm Election
Oct. 27, 2006NASA Posts Panorama To Celebrate Rover's 1,000th Martian Day
Oct. 26, 2006North Korea Rated World's Worst Violator of Press Freedom
Oct. 26, 2006Long-Term Data Confirm Fishing Puts Species in "Double Jeopardy"
Oct. 26, 2006Students Invited to Enter "Doors to Diplomacy" Web Site Contest
Oct. 26, 2006"Unprecedented Cooperation" Growing in Northeast Asia, Rice Says
Oct. 25, 2006United States a Top Destination for Foreign Travelers in 2006
Oct. 25, 2006Foreign Policy Expected To Dominate U.S. Midterm Elections
Oct. 25, 2006"Regime Change" Not a U.S. Focus, Democracy Group's Chief Says
Oct. 25, 2006U.S., Korea Aiming for Free Trade Agreement by Early 2007
Oct. 24, 2006Rice Says Independent Journalism Vital to Democracy
Oct. 24, 2006United States Gives $10 Million To Develop Global Flu Vaccine
Oct. 24, 2006Diplomacy Key To Halting North Korean Nuclear Program, Rice Says
Oct. 24, 2006United States Donates Typhoon Relief Aid to Philippines, Vietnam
Oct. 23, 2006U.S., China Want Korean Peninsula Free of Nuclear Weapons
Oct. 23, 2006U.S. Reaffirms Defense Commitment to Republic of Korea
Oct. 23, 2006A Return to Diplomacy Is Key, Rice Says
Oct. 20, 2006Smithsonian Zoo Opens "Asia Trail" for Pandas
Oct. 20, 2006United States, India To Expand Agricultural Collaboration
Oct. 20, 2006Rice Emphasizes Diplomatic Approach to North Korea Crisis
Oct. 19, 2006U.S-Japanese Alliance Reaffirmed in Face of North Korean Threat
Oct. 18, 2006New U.S. Procedures Intended To Help Intercountry Adoption
Oct. 18, 2006Another Nuclear Test Would Further Isolate North Korea, U.S. Says
Oct. 17, 2006Rice Heads to Asia To Rally Support for Sanctions on North Korea
Oct. 17, 2006United States Pledges $3 Million To Protect Intellectual Property
Oct. 17, 2006Private Groups Key in Democracy-Building, State Official Says
Oct. 16, 2006U.S., Russia, China Expand High-Performance Research Network
Oct. 16, 2006Vote To Sanction North Korea Shows "Unity of Purpose," Rice Says
Oct. 16, 2006Nuclear Deterrents Not Needed in Asia, Ambassador Hill Says
Oct. 16, 2006North Korea Has Broken Its Word, Bush Says
Oct. 13, 2006Support Grows for North Korea Sanctions, U.N. Envoy Bolton Says
Oct. 13, 2006Acceptance of Biotechnology Growing, U.S. Official Says
Oct. 13, 2006NASA Finds Saturn Moons Might Be Creating New Rings
Oct. 13, 2006Islamic Society Director Challenges Extremist Views
Oct. 12, 2006U.S. Seismology Consortium Makes Equipment Loans Worldwide
Oct. 12, 2006United States Committed to Diplomacy with North Korea, Bush says
Oct. 12, 2006U.S. Course with North Korea Remains Multilateral, Rice Says
Oct. 12, 2006"Regime Change" Not a U.S. Focus, Democracy Group's Chief Says
Oct. 11, 2006United States Committed to Admitting Refugees, U.S. Official Says
Oct. 11, 2006U.N. Security Council Making Progress on North Korea Sanctions
Oct. 11, 2006United States Donates Typhoon Relief Aid to Philippines, Vietnam
Oct. 10, 2006United States Seeks Security Council Action on North Korea
Oct. 10, 2006North Korea's Nuclear Test a Threat to Peace, Bush Declares
Oct. 10, 2006Security Council To Proceed with Iran Sanctions, Ministers Declare
Oct. 10, 2006State's Hughes Says Nations Need To Empower Women
Oct. 9, 2006Ambassador Schieffer Discusses North Korea Policy with Japanese Officials
Oct. 6, 2006NASA Administrator Welcomes China to Ranks of Spacefaring Nations
Oct. 6, 2006Americans Honor Bold Spirits of Columbus, Erikson
Oct. 6, 2006Bush Welcomes Planned Visit to China, South Korea by Japan's Abe
Oct. 5, 2006NASA, Energy Department Scientists Win Nobel Prize in Physics
Oct. 5, 2006United States Seeks Firm Security Council Stand on North Korea
Oct. 5, 2006U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Urges North Korea To Implement Safeguards
Oct. 5, 2006President To Declassify Intelligence Report on Iraq
Oct. 4, 2006North Korean Nuclear Test Would Be "A Very Provocative Act"
Oct. 4, 2006U.S. Concerned About Thai Constitution, Elections Timetable
Oct. 4, 2006U.S. Population To Reach 300 Million This Month
Oct. 4, 2006U.S. Researchers Win 2006 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Oct. 3, 2006U.S. Researchers Discovering What Makes Flu Viruses Lethal
Oct. 3, 2006New U.S. Port Security Measures Move Closer to Becoming Law
Oct. 3, 2006United States Supports Turkey's Bid To Join the European Union
Oct. 2, 2006Defeating Insurgents in Iraq Will Take Lengthy Effort, Rumsfeld Says
Oct. 2, 2006Bush Holds "Frank Conversation" with Afghan, Pakistani Leaders
Oct. 2, 2006U.S. Joins Council of Europe Convention on Computer-Based Crime
Oct. 2, 2006Bush Says Iraq Action Has Not Worsened Terror Threat
Sept. 29, 2006U.S. Official Sees Strong Prospects for U.S.-Korea Trade Pact
Sept. 29, 2006NASA Administrator Welcomes China to Ranks of Spacefaring Nations
Sept. 28, 2006U.N. General Assembly Off to the Right Start, U.S. Official Says
Sept. 28, 2006Indonesia, United States Target Illegal Textile Transshipments
Sept. 28, 2006United States, China Create Strategic Economic Dialogue
Sept. 28, 2006U.S.-South Korean Alliance a "Positive Force for Progress"
Sept. 27, 2006United States, Mauritius Sign Trade Agreement
Sept. 27, 2006Muslim, Jewish Communities Secure Halal-Kosher Labeling Law
Sept. 27, 2006U.N. Democracies Must Act Together, Says U.S. Official
Sept. 26, 2006NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Reaches Science Orbit
Sept. 26, 2006United States To Host Conference on China Relations, 1969-1980
Sept. 26, 2006U.S. Supports Japan as Permanent Member of U.N. Security Council
Sept. 26, 2006Iraq on Track for Meeting Police Goals, U.S. General Says
Sept. 25, 2006Paulson Calls New U.S.-China Strategic Dialogue "Important Step"
Sept. 25, 2006Conference To Examine History of U.S.-China Relations, 1969-1980
Sept. 25, 2006United States Convenes Informal Talks on Northeast Asia Security
Sept. 25, 2006U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Urges North Korea To Implement Safeguards
Sept. 22, 2006Space Station Construction Resumes with Successful Atlantis Mission
Sept. 22, 2006U.S. Urges Unfettered Political Participation in Thailand
Sept. 22, 2006State's Yamamoto Cites U.S. Strategic Partnership with Ethiopia
Sept. 21, 2006U.S. Legislator Urges Bilateral Initiatives with North Korea
Sept. 21, 2006Streamlined Program Makes Getting a U.S. Visa More Efficient
Sept. 21, 2006NASA Teams with Japan, United Kingdom and Europe to Study Sun
Sept. 21, 2006Asian Wild Bird Study To Provide Data on H5N1 Transmission
Sept. 20, 2006Global Nuclear Energy Partnership Could Help Meet Energy Needs
Sept. 20, 20062008 Diversity Visa Lottery Program Registration Opens October 4
Sept. 20, 2006United States Lauds Japan, Australia for North Korea Sanctions
Sept. 20, 2006Bush Sends Message of Hope to Middle East
Sept. 19, 2006U.S., China Public and Private Sectors Cooperate on Clean Energy
Sept. 19, 2006U.S. Trade and Development Agency Announces Projects in Asia
Sept. 19, 2006Trade Dispute Panel Sought on Auto Parts Exports to China
Sept. 19, 2006U.S. Officials Urge China To Improve Nonproliferation Efforts
Sept. 15, 2006United States Seeks To Double Trade with India
Sept. 15, 2006U.S., China Discuss Energy Security, Environmental Protection
Sept. 15, 2006Japan's Relations with Neighbors a Concern to U.S. Lawmakers
Sept. 15, 2006Bush, South Korea's Roh Call for Resumption of Six-Party Talks
Sept. 14, 2006U.S. Supports Japan as Permanent Member of U.N. Security Council
Sept. 14, 2006U.S. Treasury Secretary Casts U.S.-China Relations as Opportunity
Sept. 14, 2006United States Aims To Preserve Peace, Stability in Taiwan Strait
Sept. 14, 2006United States, South Korea Will Review, Reaffirm Alliance
Sept. 13, 2006IMF Governance Reform Aims at Fairer Multilateral Organization
Sept. 13, 2006State's Hughes Calls for a United World To Condemn Terror
Sept. 13, 2006U.S. Hopes To Raise U.N. Reform, Human Rights at U.N. Meeting
Sept. 13, 2006U.S. Funds Effort To Study Nanotechnology's Effect on Health
Sept. 12, 2006Five-Year 9/11 Remembrance Honors Victims from 90 Countries
Sept. 12, 2006U.S. Authorities Break Up Fraudulent Marriage-Immigration Scheme
Sept. 12, 2006Financial Systems Key To Fighting Terrorism, Weapons Proliferators
Sept. 12, 2006U.S. Remembers September 11 with Memorial Lights, Freedom Walks
Sept. 11, 2006Ambassador J. Thomas Schieffer Speaks at 9/11 Commemorative Ceremony
Sept. 11, 2006South Korea Resumes Importation of U.S. Boneless Beef
Sept. 11, 2006Women Are Agents of Change Around the World, State's Hughes Says
Sept. 11, 2006Rice Cites Progress in War on Terror Since September 11 Attacks
Sept. 11, 2006Intelligence Director Reviews Changes Since September 11 Attacks
Sept. 8, 2006U.S., China United in Seeking Diplomatic Solution on North Korea
Sept. 8, 2006NASA Rover Approaches Victoria crater on Mars
Sept. 8, 2006Bush To Visit Estonia, Latvia, Attend NATO Summit
Sept. 8, 2006Asian Wild Bird Study To Provide Data on H5N1 Transmission
Sept. 7, 2006U.S. Trade Representative To Intensify Efforts in Asia
Sept. 7, 2006Streamlined Program Makes Getting a U.S. Visa More Efficient
Sept. 7, 2006New Human Rights Council Sessions Disappointing, Says State Official
Sept. 7, 2006U.S. Navy Ship Mercy Heading Home After Five-Month Aid Mission
Sept. 6, 2006Embassy to Hold Sept. 11 Commemorative Ceremony
Sept. 5, 2006H5N1 Flu Does Not Pass Easily to Humans, Study Finds
Sept. 5, 2006Army Has Destroyed Half of All Chemical Weapons in U.S. Stockpile
Sept. 5, 2006Atlantis Prepares for September 6 Launch
Sept. 5, 2006New Missile Defense Test Boosts Confidence of Developers
Sept. 1, 2006U.S. Must Reform Farm Policy, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Says
Sept. 1, 2006Iran Should Be Sanctioned, U.S. Envoy Bolton Says
Sept. 1, 2006U.S. Foreign Assistance Director Outlines Aid to Lebanon
Sept. 1, 2006War on Terror the "Decisive" 21st Century Struggle, Bush Says
Aug. 31, 2006U.S. Migratory Bird Testing Reveals No High Threat
Aug. 31, 2006U.S. Envoy Discusses Benefits of Incentive Package with Iranians
Aug. 31, 2006New Land Mine Detection Tool Called Major Breakthrough
Aug. 30, 2006New Flu Test Will Expand, Speed Diagnoses
Aug. 30, 2006China Has Major Stake in Global Trade Talks, U.S. Official Says
Aug. 30, 2006Forming Partnerships Helps Spur Sustainable Development
Aug. 29, 2006U.S., ASEAN Sign Trade and Investment Framework Agreement
Aug. 29, 2006White House To Host Malaria Summit in December
Aug. 29, 2006Weather Forecast Accuracy Gets Boost with New Computer Model
Aug. 29, 2006Fulbright Scholar Recalls Her Struggle To Empower Afghan Women
Aug. 25, 2006Global Response to Ozone Hole Is "Unprecedented" Success
Aug. 25, 2006United States Increasing Food Security, Agriculture Chief Says
Aug. 24, 2006U.S. Highlights Progress in Helping Troubled Nations Recover
Aug. 24, 2006United States To Review Iranian Response, but Says It Falls Short
Aug. 24, 2006United States Closing Four Army Sites in Germany
Aug. 24, 2006U.S. Forces Carry out many Humanitarian Missions
Aug. 23, 2006Researchers Develop Flood-Tolerant Rice
Aug. 23, 2006Indonesia Reports 59th Human Case of Avian Influenza
Aug. 22, 2006Initial Plan Proposed for Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System
Aug. 22, 2006Biometric Checks Expanding to New U.S. Ports of Entry
Aug. 21, 2006U.S., U.N. Urge Sri Lanka To End Fighting, Restart Negotiations
Aug. 21, 2006Genetically Altered Rice Found Safe, Agriculture Secretary Says
Aug. 21, 2006U.S., China Explore Joint Efforts for Tackling Global Concerns
Aug. 21, 2006Biometric Checks Expanded to New U.S. Ports of Entry
Aug. 19, 2006Regarding Agriculture Secretary Johanns Aug. 18 Statement
Aug. 18, 2006Panelists See Need for Change in U.S. Visa Process
Aug. 18, 2006U.S. Trade Representative To Visit Singapore, Malaysia, China
Aug. 18, 2006Local Organizations Contribute to U.S. AIDS Relief
Aug. 17, 2006President Bush To Meet With South Korea's President
Aug. 17, 2006U.S. Pledges Additional $20 Million Humanitarian Aid to Lebanon
Aug. 17, 2006U.S. Study Links Global Warming, Hurricane Intensity
Aug. 17, 2006Pop Icon Elvis Presley Remembered on Anniversary of Death
Aug. 16, 2006Trafficking an "Egregious" Form of Slavery, USAID Official Says
Aug. 16, 2006Despite Progress, Children Remain Victims of AIDS
Aug. 16, 2006Foreign Born in the United States Become More Dispersed
Aug. 15, 2006U.S. Passports Move into a New Era
Aug. 15, 2006China Reports Human Bird Flu Death with Unknown Infection Source
Aug. 15, 2006Youth Exchange Program Welcomes Young "Citizen Diplomats"
Aug. 14, 2006Bush Calls For Patience, Resolve in Face of Terror Threats
Aug. 14, 2006Tokyo Donors Call For End of Violence in Sri Lanka
Aug. 14, 2006Greenland's Ice Sheet Meltdown Accelerates
Aug. 14, 2006Effective AIDS Treatment in Reach but Barriers Remain
Aug. 11, 2006U.S. Travel Industry Evaluates Effects of Foiled Terrorist Plot
Aug. 11, 2006U.S. Security Tightened in Wake of U.K. Exposure of Terror Plot
Aug. 11, 2006Indonesia Confirms Second Human Bird Flu Death in Days
Aug. 10, 2006Initiatives, Referendums Important in 2006 U.S. Elections
Aug. 10, 2006State's Boucher Praises Growing U.S.-India Relationship
Aug. 10, 2006United States, Partners Make Progress Against HIV/AIDS
Aug. 9, 2006U.S. Orders Review of Trade Preferences to Benefit More Countries
Aug. 9, 2006U.S. Agency Confirms Above-Normal Hurricane Season Prediction
Aug. 9, 2006Indonesia Suffers Greatest National Toll in Bird Flu Deaths
Aug. 8, 2006U.S. Supports Quick Passage of U.N. Resolutions on Mideast
Aug. 8, 2006U.S. Senate Votes To Ratify Cybercrime Convention
Aug. 8, 2006Historic Ties, Desire for Peace Link First U.S.-Japan Sister City
Aug. 8, 2006Citizen Diplomats Nurturing Japanese-U.S. Understanding, Peace
Aug. 7, 2006Official Urges Increased U.S.-China Energy Security Cooperation
Aug. 7, 2006New U.S. AIDS Ambassador Confirmed by Senate
Aug. 7, 2006Rice Seeks Sustainable End to Israel-Hezbollah Conflict
Aug. 7, 2006Cultural Preservation Grants Support Projects in 76 Countries
Aug. 4, 2006Congress Urged To Define "War Crimes" Under Geneva Conventions
Aug. 4, 2006U.S. Humanitarian Aid Flowing to Lebanese Villages
Aug. 4, 2006United States Prepared To Support Democratic Transition in Cuba
Aug. 4, 2006China's Growing Global Influence Not a Threat, U.S. Official Says
Aug. 3, 2006Rice Sees Israel-Hezbollah Cease-Fire in "Days, Not Weeks"
Aug. 3, 2006U.S. Energy Agency To Invest $250 Million in Bioenergy Centers
Aug. 2, 2006MTV Brings World Music to Americans
Aug. 2, 2006Disease Control Center Probes Formation of a Killer Flu Virus
Aug. 2, 2006Fisheries Protections Implemented in North Pacific Alaskan Seas
Aug. 2, 2006New U.S. Treasury Secretary Criticizes Protectionism
Aug. 1, 2006United States Lauds U.N. Action on Iran's Nuclear Programs
Aug. 1, 2006HIV Can Hide in Tissue, Eluding Treatment, Research Finds
Aug. 1, 2006Rice Says Settlement of Israel-Hizballah Conflict Taking Form
July 31, 2006U.S. Urges "Robust Dialogue" on Northeast Asian Security
July 31, 2006Anti-Malaria Campaign in Africa on Track to Save Lives
July 31, 2006U.S., U.K. Leaders Say Peacekeeper Needed in Lebanon "Quickly"
July 31, 2006International Charities Attract Donations Through Internet
July 28, 2006U.S. Assistance Reaches South Lebanon
July 28, 2006U.S. Welcomes Japan's Move To Lift Ban on Some Beef Imports
July 28, 2006U.S. Will Not Abandon WTO Talks Despite Failure in Geneva
July 28, 2006Congress Moves To Change Foreign Investment Review Process
July 27, 2006Statement by Ambassador Schieffer on Resumption of Beef Trade
July 27, 2006Energy, Security, Democracy Linked in Central Asia, Say Officials
July 27, 2006Bird Flu Recurs in Thailand; Efforts Continue To Combat Disease
July 27, 2006One Laptop per Child Association Aims To Revolutionize Education
July 26, 2006U.S. Visa Process Should be Streamlined, Official Says
July 26, 2006U.S., China Continue Cooperation on Worker Protection
July 26, 2006EU Falsely Lays Blame for Trade Talks Collapse, U.S. Says
July 26, 2006United States Making Progress Against Arms Trafficking
July 25, 2006The U.S. Approach to Global Health Challenges: Confronting Pandemics, Bio- and Natural Disasters
July 25, 2006Doha Trade Negotiations Collapse; U.S. To Consult on Next Steps
July 25, 2006U.S., Japan Augment Nonproliferation, Nuclear Security Efforts
July 25, 2006U.S., China, Continue Cooperation on Worker Protection
July 25, 2006Rice Visits Beirut, Works To Open Flow of Humanitarian Aid
July 24, 2006Health Officials Focus on How To Respond to Disease Outbreak
July 24, 2006Meeting in Malaysia Opportunity To Discuss Trade, North Korea
July 24, 2006NASA Marks 30th Anniversary of Mars Viking Mission
July 24, 2006Rice To Discuss Common Security Challenges at Southeast Asia Forum
July 7, 2006U.S. Urges Security Council Send Strong Signal to North Korea
July 7, 2006Bush Urges Diplomatic Solution to North Korean Missile Situation
July 6, 2006U.N. Security Council Considering Action on North Korea
July 6, 2006United States Condemns North Korea's Missile Launches
July 5, 2006Ambassador Schieffer holds Embassy press conference on DPRK missile launches
July 5, 2006Ambassador Schieffer Comments on North Korean Missile Launches
July 4, 2006Ambassador Schieffer Offers July 4 Greetings
July 3, 2006Ambassador Schieffer Offers Condolences on Death of Former Prime Minister Hashimoto
July 3, 2006U.S., South Korea Sign Pact on Clean Coal-Fired Power Plant
July 3, 2006U.S. Commends Japan on Economic Reform, Urges Continued Progress
June 30, 2006U.S.-Japan Investment Initiative 2006 Report
June 30, 2006The Japan-U.S. Alliance of the New Century
June 30, 2006President Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi in Joint Press Availability
June 30, 2006Bush, Japan's Koizumi To Discuss North Korea, Iran
June 30, 2006U.S. Should Consider Direct Talks with North Korea, Lawmaker Says
June 30, 2006North Korean Missile Launch Would Be "Unacceptable," Bush Says
June 28, 2006Bush, Koizumi Tour of Graceland Highlights Elvis' Enduring Legacy
June 28, 2006Treasury Nominee Promises To Push China on Currency
June 27, 2006China's Economic Focus on Africa is Mixed Picture, Scholar Says
June 27, 2006White House Report: Japan Cooperating on Missile Defense
June 27, 2006North Korea Must Disclose Missile Test Intentions, Bush Says
June 27, 2006U.S. Trade Representative Appoints Chief Counsel for China Trade
June 26, 2006U.S. Defense Official Says China's Military Buildup Raises Concerns
June 23, 2006U.S. Reducing Number of Overseas Military Bases
June 23, 2006U.S., Allies Urge North Korea Against Missile Tests
June 21, 2006Statements at Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty Signing Ceremony
June 21, 2006Joint Press Statement on the Arrangement for the Resumption of U.S. Beef Import Procedures by GOJ and USG
June 20, 2006U.S. Says North Korean Missile Test Would Violate Moratorium
June 19, 2006More Human Bird Flu Cases Reported in China, Indonesia
June 18, 2006Ambassador Schieffer's Q&A on North Korea and Missiles
June 16, 2006U.S. Welcomes Japanese Mayor's Acceptance of Nuclear-Powered Ship
June 15, 2006Greenwood Sees Today's Japan as More Open to FDI
June 14, 2006U.S. Welcomes Statement by Yokosuka Mayor Kabaya on Kitty Hawk Replacement
June 14, 2006U.S. Improving Controls on "Dual Use" Exports to China
June 12, 2006Bilateral Talks focus on Replacement Carrier at Yokosuka
June 9, 2006U.S. Pleased by Taiwan President's Pledges on Cross-Strait Issues
June 9, 2006Intellectual Property Rights Protection Weak in China, U.S. Says
June 8, 2006Landmarks of New York Photo Show Opens
June 8, 2006U.S. and China Trademark Offices Collaborate on Joint Program
June 7, 2006U.S., Japan Patent Offices To Launch Accelerated Review Process
June 7, 2006Burma, North Korea, Laos Fail To Stop Human Trafficking, U.S. Says
June 7, 2006Japan, U.S. Fund Study of Asteroid Itokawa Composition
June 6, 2006Trafficking in Persons Report 2006 - Japan Section
June 6, 2006Autos, Rice Among Tough Issues as U.S.-Korea Trade Talks Start
June 6, 2006Police, Lawmakers Targeting Human Trafficking Worldwide
June 6, 2006Rumsfeld Connects with Counterparts at Asia Security Summit
June 5, 2006U.S. Welcomes APEC Trade Ministers' Commitment to WTO Doha Round
June 2, 2006White House Report, June 1: Immigration Reform, North Korea, Congo
June 1, 2006U.S. Officials To Attend APEC Trade Ministers' Meeting June 1-2
May 30, 2006U.S. National Science Foundation Opens Beijing Office
May 26, 2006Development Grants Promote U.S.-China Environmental Cooperation
May 26, 2006U.S., China To Develop Industrial Standards Assessment System
May 25, 2006White House Report, May 24: Iran, Indonesia/Bird Flu, Japan, Personnel
May 25, 2006United States Helping Nations Brace for Bird Flu Outbreaks
May 25, 2006United States, International Partners Initial Fusion Energy Pact
May 23, 2006U.S.-Japan Beef Trade Talks Simmer Along
May 23, 2006U.S., China Not Competitors in Southeast Asia, State's Hill Says
May 23, 2006U.S. Helping China with "Clean Energy" Development
May 23, 2006United States Sends Flu Medicine to Asia
May 22, 2006First Test of Pacific Tsunami Warning System a Success
May 19, 2006Lambert Speaks to the Press After May Beef Talks
May 19, 2006Report of the Audit Results by the Agricultural Marketing Service Related to the Export Verification Program for Japan
May 19, 2006U.S. Company to Supply Power-Generation Equipment to China
May 19, 2006Senate Committee Challenges Snow over China's Currency
May 19, 2006Iran, North Korea Pose a Challenge to Effective Multilateralism
May 18, 2006Treasury Secretary Pressed by Congress on China's Exchange Rates
May 17, 2006Lambert Opening Statement at May 2006 Beef Talks
May 17, 2006Negotiators See Progress on U.S.-China Beef Trade Protocol
May 16, 2006President Bush Honors Asian Pacific Americans
May 15, 2006U.S. Finds No Conclusive Evidence of China Currency Manipulation
May 11, 2006U.S. Collaborating with International Groups on Bird Flu Plans
May 11, 2006Imports of Rice at Issue in U.S. Trade Negotiations with Korea
May 11, 2006Relations with China a Top U.S. Concern, State's Zoellick Says
May 9, 2006First Test of Pacific Tsunami Warning System May 16, 17
May 8, 2006Japanese Foreign Minister Addresses NATO on Strategic Relations
May 8, 2006Commission Cites Five Asian Nations for Lack of Religious Freedom
May 8, 2006U.S. Health Agency Awards $1 Billion to Prepare for Pandemic
May 8, 2006U.S. Reaffirms Strong Ties with Republic of Korea
May 2, 2006USDA Finds Low Prevalence of Mad Cow Disease in United States
May 2, 2006United States, Japan Reaffirm Commitment on Security Cooperation
May 1, 2006Joint Press Conference after 'Two-plus-Two' Meeting
May 1, 2006Joint Statement After May 1 'Two-plus-Two' Meeting
May 1, 2006U.S.-Japan Roadmap for Realignment
May 1, 2006North Korea Must Respect Human Rights To Gain Respect, Bush Says
May 1, 2006President Proclaims May 2006 Asian/Pacific Heritage Month
May 1, 2006Asia-Pacific Making "Significant Progress" in Fighting Terrorism
April 28, 2006U.S. Envoy Calls for More Radio News Broadcasts into North Korea
April 28, 2006House Panels Hold Historic Hearing on North Korean Abductions
April 27, 2006Citizen Reporters in South Korea Seek Fame, Tips
April 27, 2006Lawless Gives Briefing on Plan for Moving Marines to Guam
April 25, 2006Human Trafficking a Global Problem, U.N. Report Says
April 24, 2006China, United States Cooperate on High-Energy Physics Experiment
April 21, 2006Climate Change Partnership Pursues Multiple Goals
April 21, 2006"Two Levels" to U.S.-China Relationship, State's Zoellick Says
April 21, 2006Bush Praises China's Hu for Working To Address Trade Imbalance
April 20, 2006China Can Move Faster on Exchange Rates, Treasury's Adams Says
April 20, 2006United States, China Pursuing Common Goals in Economic Relations
April 20, 2006Officials Rebut Fears About U.S. Food Safety as Unscientific
April 20, 2006China Human Rights Situation "Remains Abysmal," Congressman Says
April 19, 2006Ambassador Schieffer Addresses Research Institute of Japan
April 19, 2006U.S., China Renew Bilateral Science and Technology Agreement
April 19, 2006U.S., China Can Be Global Partners, State's Zoellick Says
April 19, 2006U.S. Navy To Provide Free Medical Aid Across the Asia-Pacific
April 17, 2006Ambassador J. Thomas Schieffer Discusses Nuclear Warship Safety with Foreign Minister Taro Aso
April 17, 2006Fact Sheet on U.S. Nuclear Powered Warship Safety
April 17, 2006Statement by Ambassador J. Thomas Schieffer Regarding his April 17 Meeting with Foreign Minister Taro Aso
April 14, 2006U.S.-Taiwanese Innovative Satellite Array To Launch April 14
April 13, 2006U.S. Welcomes China Pledges on Market Access, IPR Enforcement
April 10, 2006U.S., China To Partner for Better Global Environment
April 6, 2006Missile Defense Request $9.3 Billion for 2007, Agency Head Says
April 5, 2006United States Allocated $3.8 Billion To Avian Flu Preparedness
April 3, 2006U.S. Economic Officials Offer Perspectives on U.S.-China Ties
April 3, 2006Japan Should Increase Market Access, Commerce Secretary Says
April 3, 2006U.S.-South Korea Trade Pact Could Benefit Women Entrepreneurs
March 31, 2006Commerce Secretary Praises Partnership with Japan
March 31, 2006U.S. Very Concerned by China's Return of North Korean Refugee
March 31, 2006U.S., EU File Trade Case over China's Tax on Imported Auto Parts
March 30, 2006Commerce Secretary Urges China To Become an "Innovation Society"
March 29, 2006Press Conference with USDA Acting Under Secretary Charles Lambert
March 29, 2006Portman Names Co-Chairs of New China Trade Enforcement Task Force
March 28, 2006Lambert Opens March Beef Expert Talks in Tokyo
March 28, 2006Missile Defense Key Security Element, Says U.S. Official
March 28, 2006U.S., Japan Partner on Greenhouse Gases, Sustainable Development
March 28, 2006United States, Canada Keep Joint Vigil for Bird Flu Carriers
March 23, 2006Bush To Welcome China President Hu to White House
March 22, 2006Trilateral Talks Strengthen U.S.-Australia-Japan Cooperation
March 20, 2006Asian Nations Priority Trade Partners for U.S., Official Says
March 17, 2006Ambassador Schieffer Addresses Asian Affairs Research Council
March 16, 2006Joint Press Conference with Abductee Representatives
March 16, 2006U.S. Commerce Secretary Says China Economic Ties Under Scrutiny
March 16, 2006U.S. Battle Against Human Trafficking Intensifies
March 15, 2006Internet Transforming China's Economy, Society, Experts Say
March 15, 2006Entrepreneurs Say U.S. Firms Helping China Open Up Economically
March 14, 2006Cow Infected with Mad Cow Disease Found in Alabama
March 13, 2006Japan Emerges as America's Largest Missile Defense Partner
March 13, 2006U.S. Boosting IPR Enforcement in China, Commerce Official Says
March 10, 2006China Increases Censorship of Media, Human-Rights Report Says
March 10, 2006Congressman Leach Urges Increased Interaction with North Korea
March 8, 2006U.S. Values Its Participation in Asian Fora, State's Hill Says
March 8, 2006Human Trafficking a Huge Problem for China, U.S. Officials Say
March 6, 2006National Pride Spurs Million-Dollar Players in Baseball Classic
March 6, 2006Treasury Secretary Prods China on Exchange Rate Flexibility
March 2, 2006United States Calls for Peaceful Dialogue Between China, Taiwan
March 2, 2006North Korea Narcotics Involvement Termed "Likely but Not Certain"
March 1, 2006U.S. Concerned over Detention of Chinese Human Rights Activists
Feb. 28, 2006U.S. Officials Praise China for Efforts To Combat Bird Flu
Feb. 27, 2006U.S. Team To Discuss Intellectual Property Protection with China
Feb. 27, 2006The World Baseball Classic a Global Salute to the Sport
Feb. 24, 2006New Instruments Will Help Scientists Understand Earthquakes
Feb. 22, 2006Japan Ends Longtime Ban on U.S. Fresh Potato Imports
Feb. 22, 2006Pace of Bird Flu Spread Accelerating
Feb. 21, 2006U.S. Finishes Investigation of Ineligible Veal Shipment to Japan
Feb. 21, 2006Federal Reserve Head Not Concerned over China U.S. Debt Holdings
Feb. 17, 200615 Action Steps Identified by the FSIS Investigation - USDA Beef Export Verification Program for Japan
Feb. 17, 2006Executive Summary: Feb. 17 USDA Report on Beef Exports to Japan
Feb. 17, 2006Embassy Press Conference on Feb. 17 with Ambassador Schieffer
Feb. 17, 2006China's Economic Reforms Depend on the Free Flow of Information
Feb. 16, 2006USDA Delists Plant for BEV Noncompliance
Feb. 16, 2006China Uses Internet as Tool of Repression, Says Congressman Smith
Feb. 16, 2006Additional European Countries Report Bird Flu
Feb. 15, 2006China-U.S. Trade Relations Lack Equity, USTR Portman Says
Feb. 15, 2006U.S.-Korea Free-Trade Pact Expected To Foster Sustainable Growth
Feb. 13, 2006Ambassador Thomas Schieffer Speaks to Okinawa Business Leaders
Feb. 10, 2006U.S. Committed to Asia-Pacific Climate Partnership, Rice Says
Feb. 10, 2006U.S. Agriculture Department Funds Global Fight for Animal Health
Feb. 10, 2006U.S.-China Caucus Calls for Greater Diplomatic Ties with Beijing
Feb. 7, 2006Bush Seeks $2.3 Billion for Flu Protection Programs in 2007
Feb. 7, 2006Trade Pact with U.S. Would Give S. Korea "Overwhelming Benefits"
Feb. 6, 2006United States Approves New Test To Identify Bird Flu in Humans
Feb. 6, 2006Michalak Calls for More Asian Integration in Tokyo Speech
Feb. 3, 2006U.S., South Korea To Begin Bilateral Free-Trade Agreement Talks
Feb. 3, 2006Balancing Growth, Environmental Protection a Challenge for China
Feb. 1, 2006Ambassador-Designate Promises To Pursue Prominent Role for APEC
Jan. 31, 2006Japan, U.S. To Increase Cooperation on Securities Enforcement
Jan. 31, 2006No Changes in U.S. Policy Toward China, Taiwan, State Dept. Says
Jan. 27, 2006Joint Announcement on United States-Japan GPS Cooperation
Jan. 27, 2006Kim Jong Il's Visit to China a "Milepost," State's Zoellick Says
Jan. 26, 2006Ambassador Schieffer Addresses U.S.-Japan Parliamentary Friendship League
Jan. 26, 2006Taiwan Reopens Its Market to U.S. Boneless Beef
Jan. 26, 2006Inspector Error Led to New Japan Ban of U.S. Beef, Johanns Says
Jan. 25, 2006Changes in China Critical Issue for U.S., State's Zoellick Says
Jan. 25, 2006U.S. National Earthquake Center Enhances Operations
Jan. 25, 2006European Parliament Warns of Human Trafficking at World Cup
Jan. 24, 2006Deputy National Security Advisor J.D. Crouch in Roundtable with Japanese Press
Jan. 24, 2006Food Safety Officials Discuss Beef at Embassy Press Conference
Jan. 24, 2006Security Alliance, Beef Trade Top Issues in U.S.-Japan Relations
Jan. 23, 2006Zoellick Speaks at Press Roundtable in Japan
Jan. 23, 2006U.S. and Japan Sign Alliance Support Agreement
Jan. 23, 2006Human Bird Flu Cases Present Puzzling Patterns
Jan. 23, 2006U.S.-South Korea Relationship Enters New Era, State Says
Jan. 23, 2006United States Acts Quickly To Address Japan's Concerns About Beef
Jan. 20, 2006Press Conference with Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns on Beef Exports to Japan
Jan. 20, 2006Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns' Jan. 20 Statement on Beef Exports to Japan
Jan. 20, 2006State's Zoellick To Travel to Japan, China, Switzerland
Jan. 20, 2006Singapore Partially Reopens Market to U.S. Beef Products
Jan. 18, 2006U.S. Hopes To Expand Partnership with South Korea
Jan. 17, 2006Secure Borders and Open Doors in the Information Age
Jan. 17, 2006U.S. Science Team Heads to Turkey, Amid Bird Flu Outbreak
Jan. 17, 2006South Korea Agrees To Lift Partially Ban on U.S. Beef Exports
Jan. 13, 2006Bush To Request $52 Million for Asia-Pacific Energy Partnership
Jan. 12, 2006U.S. Law Enforcement Steps Up Hunt for Human Traffickers
Jan. 11, 2006U.S. Pleased China Terminating Anti-dumping Duty Order
Jan. 11, 2006U.S. Determined To Fight Trafficking, Bush Says, Signing New Law
Jan. 11, 2006U.S. To Host Inaugural Strategic Consultations with South Korea
Jan. 10, 2006Six Asia-Pacific Nations Join in Climate Change Partnership
Jan. 10, 2006Protectionism Can Complicate U.S.-China Relations, Snow Says
Jan. 6, 2006Statement Regarding the Murder of Ms. Yoshie Sato in Yokosuka City
Jan. 6, 2006U.S. Names Intellectual Property Enforcement Chief in Asia
Jan. 6, 2006Rice Calls on North Korea To End Its Self-Imposed Isolation
Jan. 5, 2006U.S. Ready To Resume Six-Party Talks Without New Conditions
Jan. 5, 2006Scientists Track Endangered Whales with U.S. Undersea Technology
Jan. 4, 2006Sanctions on North Korean Companies Unrelated to Six-Party Talks