Statement by Ambassador J. Thomas Schieffer Regarding his April 17 Meeting with Foreign Minister Taro Aso

April 17, 2006

I was pleased to meet today with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso and deliver to him a copy of a "Fact Sheet on Nuclear Powered Warship Safety" and to briefly discuss with him the replacement of the carrier USS Kitty Hawk in 2008 with the nuclear powered carrier USS George Washington.

The document that I gave to Foreign Minister Aso is both a clear statement of the commitment of the United States Government to maintaining the highest level of safety on all of our nuclear powered warships, and an explanation of the design of our nuclear powered warships, the safety systems that have been incorporated in those ships, and the procedures that are followed on-board to assure their safe operation.

It is my understanding that copies of the "Fact Sheet on Nuclear Power Warship Safety" will be shared with local and regional officials in Japan.

Fact Sheet on Nuclear Powered Warship Safety
Record of Discussion between Ambassador Schieffer and Foreign Minister Aso