Embassy Archives - 2009

Dec. 4, 2009The Multiple Dimensions of the U.S.-Japan Relationship
Oct. 19, 2009Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery Program Open for Registration
Oct. 16, 2009Joint Statement on International Child Abduction
Oct. 4, 2009Statement of Ambassador John V. Roos at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Aug. 31, 2009Statement by Ambassador John V. Roos on Election Results
Aug. 19, 2009Ambassador John Roos: Statement on his Arrival in Japan
Aug. 10, 2009ACS Appointments Have Come to Tokyo!
July 18, 2009On the Convening of the U.S.-Japan Security Subcommittee (SSC) Meeting
July 17, 2009Security Subcommittee (SSC) Meeting
July 11, 2009U.S. and Japan Moving Forward on U.S. Force Realignment
June 9, 2009U.S. Postal Commission Chairman Outlines U.S. Postal Reform
May 29, 2009Successful Japanese ESTA Applications Top 1 Million
May 13, 2009Statement by Charge James P. Zumwalt on Diet Ratification of the U.S.-Japan Accord on Marine Transfer to Guam
April 27, 2009U.S. and Japan Sign Aviation Safety Agreement
March 5, 2009Embassy to recognize 2009 Woman of Courage Award, Japan recipient
Feb. 13, 2009Secretary of State Clinton Talks With Reporters ahead of Asia Trip
Feb. 3, 2009More than 380,000 Japanese have applied successfully for Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)
Jan. 21, 2009Ambassador J. Thomas Schieffer Presented with Department of Defense’s Distinguished Public Service Medal
Jan. 20, 2009From the Editor
Jan. 14, 2009Address to the Japan National Press Club
Jan. 5, 2009J. Thomas Schieffer: Japan must penalize possession of child porn
Jan. 2, 2009Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) to become mandatory January 12, 2009