Embassy Archives - 2003

Dec. 30, 2003Armitage discusses policy in Nikkei Press interview
Dec. 30, 2003Seasons' Greetings from Ambassador Baker
Dec. 29, 2003U.S. Embassy Statement on U.S. Beef Exports to Japan
Dec. 19, 2003Reflections on the U.S. - Japan Economic Relationship and Its Future
Dec. 4, 2003Ambassador Baker Addresses Foreign Correspondents' Club
Nov. 20, 2003HHS Issues New Rules to Enhance Security of U.S. Food Supply
Oct. 20, 2003Economic Reforms and U.S.-Japan Relations
Oct. 7, 2003Ambassador Baker delivers Doshisha-Yomiuri Ambassadorial Lecture
Sept. 26, 2003Postponement of the Deadline for Machine-Readable Passport for Travelers from Certain Visa Waiver Countries
Sept. 25, 2003Machine-Readable Passport Requirement Postponed for Visa Waiver Program
Sept. 12, 2003Ambassador Baker addresses cyber-security forum
Sept. 11, 2003Public Statement by Ambassador Howard H. Baker, Jr. on Sept. 11
Sept. 9, 2003Letter to Members of the Press
Sept. 9, 2003U.S.-Japan Joint Statement on Cyber Security
Aug. 25, 2003Cancun ministerial trade talks need active input from Japan
Aug. 6, 2003Ambassador Baker says bank reforms could herald rosy future for Japan
July 29, 2003Beef Safeguard an Unjustifiable Burden For Japanese Consumers
July 10, 2003American Foreign Policy in an Emerging New World
July 4, 2003No Evidence Canadian BSE Originated in the United States
July 1, 2003Ambassador Baker speaks at International Friendship Exchange Council
June 27, 2003Ambassador Baker speaks at Research Institute of Japan on U.S.-Japan ties
June 23, 2003Embassy official discusses U.S., Japan Economic Outlook
June 18, 2003Comments of the United States Government on the "e-Japan Strategy II (Draft)" Issued by the IT Strategic Headquarters
June 18, 2003United States Welcomes Key e-Japan Recommendations by IT Strategy Headquarters
June 16, 2003U.S., Japan, South Korea Deliver Joint Statement on Coordination
June 10, 2003Sri Lanka Donor Conference Emphasizes Hope, Urgency
June 10, 2003U.S. Co-Chair Concluding Remarks at Sri Lanka Donor Conference
June 10, 2003U.S. Co-Chair Opening Remarks at Sri Lanka Donors' Conference
June 10, 2003Secretary of State's Award for Distinguished Service presented to Councillor Motoo Shiina
June 9, 2003Armitage Delivers Opening Remarks at Sri Lanka Donors' Conference in Tokyo
June 4, 2003Wolfowitz discusses U.S.-Japan relations at Embassy press event
June 3, 2003Wolfowitz and Baker discuss U.S.-Japan relations with traveling press
May 19, 2003Japan and the U.S. - The Path to Prosperity
May 12, 2003Ambassador Baker discusses North Korea on NHK
May 6, 2003Trilateral talks create hope for nuclear-free North Korea
May 1, 2003Let's help the Iraqi people
April 25, 2003What the Coalition achieved in Iraq
April 1, 2003State Dept. Q&A on Depleted Uranium
April 1, 2003State Department Fact Sheet on Depleted Uranium
March 28, 2003Ambassador Baker interviewed on NHK News 10
March 10, 2003Ambassador Baker interviewed on Fuji TV
March 4, 2003Iraq's choice and U.S. resolve
March 3, 2003Ambassador Baker explains U.S. Iraq policy on Japanese TV
March 3, 2003Okinawa and the US-Japan Relationship
Feb. 10, 2003New Security Challenges and U.S.-Japan Relations
Jan. 21, 2003The DOHA Agenda and the Developing World
Jan. 8, 2003ODA is a vital diplomatic tool to fight terror