Embassy Archives - 2007

Dec. 25, 2007Ambassador Schieffer's Holiday Message 2007
Dec. 10, 2007U.S. - Japan Agreement on Chancery Land Issue
Dec. 6, 2007Webcast: Raising Public Awareness of HIV Counseling and Testing
Dec. 6, 2007U.S.-Japan Economic Relations - Fulfilling the Promise
Nov. 27, 2007Did You Know ...?
Nov. 27, 2007The Mansfield Fellowship Program: Building U.S.-Japan Cooperation
Nov. 27, 2007The Issue of International Parental Child Abduction: An Interview with Michele T. Bond, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Overseas Citizens Services, U.S. Department of State
Nov. 27, 2007From the Editor
Nov. 9, 2007Secretary of Defense Robert Gates - Speech and Q&A Session with Students
Nov. 3, 2007Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill Press Conference
Oct. 24, 2007Ambassador Schieffer Addresses Japan National Press Club
Oct. 22, 2007Free Trade Agreements and U.S. Commercial Policy: An Interview with Wendy Cutler, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Japan, Korea and APEC Affairs
Oct. 19, 2007Use of Japanese Fuel Provided to Operation Enduring Freedom (Department of Defense; Washington, DC; October 18, 2007)
Oct. 19, 2007Embassy Press Statement on Alleged Iwakuni Incident
Oct. 11, 2007Japanese Fuel Provided to USNS PECOS on February 25, 2003 (Department of Defense; Washington, DC; October 10, 2007)
Sept. 27, 2007Coalition Ambassadors' Statement
Sept. 14, 2007U.S.-Japanese Governments Reach Agreement on Air Transportation Liberalization Package
Sept. 13, 2007U.S. Embassy Statement
Sept. 6, 2007Japan and America's Interest in Northeast Asia
Sept. 1, 2007The Japan Bowl
Sept. 1, 2007A New Framework for Global Efforts on Climate Change
Aug. 16, 2007USAID to Help North Koreans Affected by Floods
Aug. 7, 2007President's Environment Advisor Speaks at Tokyo Press Conference
Aug. 7, 2007Ambassador Schieffer Meets Ashinaga Summer Camp Kids
Aug. 3, 2007Negroponte Speaks at Aug. 3 Press Conference
July 30, 2007Homeland Security Under Secretary Visits Tokyo
July 23, 2007Project Gutenberg Digital Library Seeks To Spur Literacy
July 23, 2007State Department Program Opens Doors for World's Businesswomen
July 23, 2007Foreign Investments in U.S. To Get More Transparent Scrutiny
July 23, 2007Rice Says Worldwide Cooperation Needed in Terrorism Fight
July 23, 2007Progress Cited on Elimination of Korean Nuclear Programs
July 20, 2007Asia-Pacific Group Achieving Climate Results Through Partnership
July 17, 2007North Korean Reactor Shutdown a “Very Important First Step”
July 17, 2007U.S. Ambassador to Japan Authorizes Funds and Material Support to Aid Earthquake Victims
July 17, 2007Afghan Drug Trade Closely Linked to Taliban Insurgency
July 13, 2007Regional Groups Key to Building Community of Democracies
July 13, 2007Afghan-Pakistani Border Stability Operations Focus of U.S. Aid
July 13, 2007Iraq Security Improvements Setting Stage for Reforms, Bush Says
July 10, 2007NASA Phoenix Lander, Next Mission to Mars, To Launch in August
July 9, 2007U.N. Human Rights Council Members Must Confront Abusers
July 9, 2007Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Target of World Health Agencies
July 9, 2007South Korean Exhibition Showcases American Crafts
July 9, 2007U.S. Tuberculosis Case Raises Questions on Global Disease Issues
July 6, 2007New U.S. Anti-Trafficking Chief Emphasizes Partnerships
July 5, 2007U.S. Commitment to Asia Unwavering, Defense Secretary Says
July 5, 2007Bush, Russia’s Putin To Discuss Missile Defense Plan
July 5, 2007U.S. Independence Day a Civic and Social Event
July 5, 2007Bush, Russia’s Putin Signal Cooperation on Nuclear Energy Aid
July 3, 2007Missile Defense System Could Include NATO, Russia’s Putin Says
July 3, 2007Indian Exchange Students Excel in U.S. Schools
July 2, 2007Best Wishes for Independence Day 2007
July 2, 2007U.S.-South Korean Free-Trade Agreement Signed
July 2, 2007International Students Welcome in America, Officials Say
July 2, 2007Immigration Bill Defeat Lamented by Bush, Congressional Leaders
July 2, 2007Africa Health, Education Programs Get Boost from U.S. First Lady
June 29, 2007Free-Trade Pacts Might Gain Congressional Support, Official Says
June 29, 2007Iraq Surge Showing Results, President Bush Says
June 29, 2007Bush, Iraq’s Talabani Reaffirm Commitment To Meet Benchmarks
June 28, 2007Organization of the Islamic Conference Will Gain U.S. Envoy
June 28, 2007Darfur Genocide Graphically Depicted in Documentary
June 28, 2007China's Influence a Key to Peace in Darfur, Rice Says
June 27, 2007Charitable Donations by Americans Reach Record High
June 27, 2007Space Station Might Open to Government, Commercial Clients
June 27, 2007First Chinese Baseball Players Signed To Play in United States
June 27, 2007U.S. Defense Language Institute Teaches Culture, Foreign Languages
June 26, 2007Taiwan U.N. Membership Referendum Opposed by United States
June 26, 2007Cybersecurity on Agenda as Bush Welcomes Estonian President
June 26, 2007North Korean Nuclear Facility Could Be Disabled Before 2008
June 25, 2007Human Rights Stressed in Bush’s Meeting with Vietnamese Leader
June 25, 2007Energy Conservation, Renewables Get Boost in Senate Bill
June 25, 2007Thwarting Nuclear Terrorism Requires Global Cooperation
June 22, 2007Three Asian Nations Urged To Open Markets Fully to U.S. Beef
June 22, 2007U.S. Envoy in North Korea To Urge Progress On Nuclear Arms Talks
June 20, 2007U.S. Envoy Hopes Six-Party Talks Will “Pick Up the Pace”
June 20, 2007U.S. Heads Public-Private Fund To Aid Refugee Women, Children
June 19, 2007Hill Welcomes North Korean Opening to IAEA Inspectors
June 19, 2007Rice Announces Return of Direct Aid to Palestinian Government
June 19, 2007U.S. Food Scientist Named 2007 World Food Prize Recipient
June 19, 2007U.S. Ambassador, General Discuss Effect of Troop Surge on Iraq
June 18, 2007Secretary Gates Makes Fourth Visit to Iraq To Discuss Progress
June 18, 2007U.S. Woman Veterans' Official Encourages Women To Enter Politics
June 18, 2007U.S. Business Drawn to Booming Russian Market
June 18, 2007Pakistan Joins 50 Nations in Efforts To Prevent Nuclear Terror
June 15, 2007Ambassador Schieffer Addresses Yomiuri International Economic Society
June 15, 2007Nongovernmental Groups Key in Battle Against Human Trafficking
June 15, 2007U.S. Seeks “Creative Compromise” To Keep Russia in Key Pact
June 15, 2007Avian Flu Vaccine Stockpile Being Planned for Developing Nations
June 14, 2007U.S. Officials Cite Benefits of Joining Law of the Sea Convention
June 14, 2007White House Urges Restraint in Gaza
June 14, 2007U.S. Free-Trade Pact with South Korea Would Enhance Partnership
June 14, 2007United States Deplores Second Attack on Samarra Mosque
June 13, 2007Japan EV Program Verification Period Now Ended
June 13, 2007NGOs Work To Eradicate Human Trafficking, Help Victims
June 13, 2007Public Awareness of Human Trafficking Increasing, Rice Says
June 12, 2007Group Opposing Human Trafficking Is Helping Victims
June 12, 2007Human Trafficking, Migrant Labor Often Linked in Indonesia
June 12, 2007Bush Seeks To Expand Education for World’s Poorest Children
June 11, 2007Bush Urges Broad Support for Immigration Reform
June 11, 2007Free Trade, Aid Help States Transform Themselves, Rice Says
June 11, 2007Plans for Open North American Aviation Market Inch Forward
June 11, 2007Shuttle Atlantis Begins 11-Day Mission to Space Station
June 8, 2007G8 Countries Building Consensus on Addressing Climate Change
June 8, 2007White House Welcomes Russian Missile Defense Offer
June 8, 2007G8 Countries Agree on Process To Address Global Warming
June 8, 2007New U.S. Anti-Trafficking Chief Emphasizes Partnerships
June 7, 2007Rice Says Worldwide Cooperation Needed in Terrorism Fight
June 7, 2007Bush Stresses Need for Strong U.S.-Russian Relations
June 7, 2007U.S. Boosts Developing Nations’ Access to Safe Water, Sanitation
June 6, 2007Economic Development Organization Forms Nanotechnology Unit
June 6, 2007Ideals of Democracy Universal, Bush Says
June 4, 2007U.S. Security Initiative Draws More Participants
June 4, 2007Bush Urges Russia To Reconsider Missile Defense
June 4, 2007State Department Program Opens Doors for World's Businesswomen
June 4, 2007U.S. Commitment to Asia Is Unwavering, Defense Secretary Declares
June 1, 2007Bush Seeks New International Framework on Climate Change
June 1, 2007Weapons Anti-Proliferation Initiative Draws More Participants
June 1, 2007Bush Outlines U.S. Development Agenda Before G8 Summit
June 1, 2007Bush, Iraq’s Talabani Reaffirm Commitment To Meet Benchmarks
May 31, 2007New State Department Journal Explores Terrorist Psychology
May 31, 2007Clean Coal Production Key to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Levels
May 31, 2007President Bush Announces Five-Year, $30 Billion HIV/AIDS Plan
May 31, 2007Bush Nominates Robert Zoellick as World Bank President
May 30, 2007U.S. Embassy Co-hosts U.S.-Japan-Australia Disaster Assistance Workshop
May 30, 2007U.S. Secretary of State Concludes Intensive Diplomacy in Russia
May 30, 2007Officials Urge Congress To Modernize, Expand Visa Waiver Program
May 30, 2007Monterey Naval Postgraduate School Prepares Military Elite
May 30, 2007Astronaut Teaches U.S., Foreign Military About Space Technology
May 29, 2007Officials Urge Congress To Modernize, Expand Visa Waiver Program
May 29, 2007U.S. Holds Russia to High Standards of Democracy, Human Rights
May 29, 2007U.S. Officials Call for Greater Openness by Chinese Military
May 25, 2007Bush Urges Support for Immigration Reform Plan
May 25, 2007U.S., China Move Forward on Environment, Energy Issues
May 25, 2007North American Partners Expand Efforts to Cooperate on Energy
May 25, 2007United States Is Largest Donor of Foreign Aid, Report Says
May 24, 2007U.S. Pledges Major Effort To Complete India Nuclear Agreement
May 24, 2007Defense Department Teams with Partners to Fight Global Disease
May 24, 2007Most U.S. Muslims Hold Moderate Political Views, Survey Finds
May 24, 2007U.S., China To Expand Air Travel, Cooperate on Clean Energy
May 23, 2007U.S. Seeks Specific Results from High-Level Talks with China
May 23, 2007International Laboratory Network Watches for Disease Outbreaks
May 23, 2007Environmental Protection Agency Launches Chinese-Language Web Site
May 23, 2007U.S. Defense Institution Takes on Challenge of Peacemaking
May 22, 2007State Dept. Briefing on Progress in North Korea Negotiations
May 21, 2007Proposed Immigration Reform Would Change U.S. Visa System
May 21, 2007Bush Praises Compromise Agreement on Immigration Reform
May 21, 2007U.S.-China Dialogue Opportunity To Address Global Issues
May 18, 2007Key U.S. Senators Reach Bipartisan Agreement on Immigration
May 18, 2007Bush, Britain’s Blair Say U.S.-U.K. Ties Remain Strong
May 18, 2007U.S. Report Says North America Moving Toward Single Trade Market
May 17, 2007Economic Reforms Would Help China Address Energy Problems
May 17, 2007U.S. Secretary of State Concludes Intensive Diplomacy in Russia
May 17, 2007U.S. Treasury Hails Toppling of Colombian Drug Empires
May 17, 2007Bush Names Army General as Senior Advisor for Iraq, Afghanistan
May 15, 2007U.S. Draft Law Would Toughen Penalties Against Counterfeit Goods
May 15, 2007Africa's Strategic Importance to U.S. Is Growing, Envoy Says
May 15, 2007U.S. Promotes International Collaborations at Health Conference
May 15, 2007United States, Iran Agree To Hold Talks on Iraq
May 14, 2007Deal with Congress Likely to Advance Free Trade Agreements
May 14, 2007Bush Supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform
May 14, 2007Internet Censorship Concern for Businesses as well as Activists
May 14, 2007U.S. Energy Agency Leads Effort To Cut Carbon Dioxide Emissions
May 11, 2007State’s Burns Warns Iran Faces Additional U.N. Sanctions
May 11, 2007Bush Urges Patience with Iraq Plan
May 11, 2007Lucille Clifton First Black Woman To Win Lilly Poetry Prize
May 11, 2007U.S. Committed to Fight Against Global Hunger, Malnutrition
May 10, 2007Queen Elizabeth II Honored at White House State Dinner 
May 10, 2007U.S. To Intensify Outreach Efforts in the Pacific Islands
May 9, 2007U.S. Government Presence Grows in Second Life Online World
May 8, 2007International Partnerships Help To Fight Malaria in Africa
May 8, 2007Bush Welcomes Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II to White House
May 7, 2007Press Advocacy Group Cites Nations for Worsening Press Conditions
May 7, 2007Six-Party Agreement Still on Track, U.S. Envoy Hill Says
May 7, 2007U.S.-Japan Educational, Cultural Programs Strengthen Alliance
May 7, 2007American Indians See Opportunity in Jamestown Anniversary
May 2, 2007Joint Statement of the U.S.-Japan Security Consultative Committee
May 2, 2007Life of Lebanese-American Student at Virginia Tech Touched Many
May 2, 2007Bush Thanks Nations of Global Counterterrorism Coalition
May 2, 2007State’s Negroponte Optimistic on U.S.-China Relations
May 2, 2007North Korean Shutdown of Reactor "Extremely Important"
May 1, 2007Global Terrorist Threat Seen Undergoing Change
May 1, 2007Terrorism Report Highlights Global Challenge
May 1, 2007United States, Japan Say Patience on North Korea “Not Unlimited”
May 1, 2007U.S.-Russia Cooperation Touted for Reducing Nuclear Threat
April 27, 2007Bilateral Commission Studies Marine Asset Tag Tracking System
April 27, 2007U.S., Japan Seek To Bolster Safe Expansion of Nuclear Energy
April 27, 2007Chinese Graduate Student Applications to U.S. Schools Up Sharply
April 27, 2007Winners of Earth Day Art Contest Visit Washington, Disney World
April 27, 2007Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Is Challenged by Noncompliance
April 26, 2007U.N. Crime Commission Seeks To Protect Children from Trafficking
April 26, 2007Film Portrays Gruesome Realities of Human Trafficking
April 26, 2007Resources, Better Coordination Needed To Fight Human Trafficking
April 25, 2007U.N. Crime Commission Takes Closer Look at Gangs, Urban Crime
April 25, 2007Actions by U.S. States Advance Debate on Climate Change
April 25, 2007Secretary Gates Offers Missile-Defense Partnership with Russia
April 25, 2007American Muslims Embrace Diversity, Decry Stereotypes, Panel Says
April 24, 2007U.S. Government Scientists Urge Preparation for Climate Change
April 24, 2007U.S. Seeks To Intensify Global Fight Against Child Exploitation
April 24, 2007Saving the Earth Begins Early for U.S. Teens
April 24, 2007Nations Must Use All Tools To Stop Nuclear Proliferation
April 23, 2007What is Earth Day?
April 23, 2007North Korean Human Rights Tied to Global Security
April 23, 2007Small Environmental Groups Can Make a Big Difference
April 23, 2007Key U.S. Environmental Law Helps Save Species from Extinction
April 20, 2007New U.S. Military Chief in Middle East Urges Iraqi Unity
April 20, 2007U.S. Presses for Broader Use of Targeted International Sanctions
April 20, 2007Defense Secretary Gates Cites Concerns About Syria, Iran
April 19, 2007Iranian-Made Weapons Seized in Afghanistan
April 19, 2007Democracy and Development Intrinsically Linked, Rice Says
April 19, 2007United States Engaging U.N. Partners To Confront Climate Change
April 18, 2007United States Mourns Shooting Deaths at Virginia Tech
April 17, 2007Environmental Protection Vital Part of U.S. Trade Policy
April 17, 2007Treasury Chief Says IMF Must "Reinvent Itself" To Stay Relevant
April 16, 2007United States Emphasizes Importance of Protecting Press Freedom
April 16, 2007U.S. Will Give North Korea "A Few More Days" To Keep Nuclear Deal
April 16, 2007Treasury’s Paulson Says More Work Needed on Trade Imbalances
April 16, 2007Treasury Chief Says IMF Must "Re-Invent Itself" To Stay Relevant
April 13, 2007Canada Joins Coalition Against Wildlife Trafficking
April 13, 2007Developing Nations Can Influence Global Trade Talks, USTR Says
April 13, 2007U.S. Seeks Boost in Monetary Fund Currency Market Surveillance
April 13, 2007Australia Launches First U.S.-Built Tsunami Detection Station
April 12, 2007Protectionist Trade Policies Seen as Threat to Workers
April 12, 2007Astronaut Suni Williams To Run Boston Marathon on Space Station
April 11, 2007Macanese Authorities Unblock $25 Million in North Korean Funds
April 11, 2007Secretary Rice Cites Importance of Free Press to Democracy
April 10, 2007United States Calls for Trade Consultations with China
April 10, 2007Democracy, Human Rights Experience Progress, Setbacks in East Asia
April 9, 2007Regulation, Consumer Education Key to Fisheries Conservation
April 9, 2007Marine University Promotes Professional Military Education
April 9, 2007Worldwide Impact from Climate Change Predicted
April 9, 2007U.S. Training Helps Fight Global Securities Fraud
April 6, 2007U.S. Toy Manufacturers Say Bilingual, Multicultural Toys Are a Hit
April 6, 2007Global Crackdown on Nongovernmental Agencies a Major U.S. Concern
April 6, 2007U.S. Official Cites Significant Progress in Removing Land Mines
April 6, 2007U.S. Encouraged by Democracy’s Progress in Indonesia, Vietnam
April 5, 2007Missile Defense System Uses Nonexplosive Interceptor, U.S. Says
April 5, 2007U.S. Imposes Countervailing Duties on Glossy Paper from China
April 5, 2007United States Pledges Assistance After Solomon Islands Tsunami
April 3, 2007Obstacles to U.S. Foreign Market Access Linger, USTR Reports
April 3, 2007Egypt, China Report New Human Cases of Avian Influenza
April 3, 2007United States, South Korea Conclude Free-Trade Agreement
April 2, 2007United States Seeks To Engage the Iranian People
April 2, 2007U.S. Experts Urge Greater Chinese Military Openness
April 2, 2007U.S., Brazil Seek Balanced Doha Agreement, Bush Says
April 2, 2007United States Proposes Cuts in World Fisheries Subsidies
March 30, 2007World War II African-American Airmen Receive Congressional Medal
March 30, 2007Next International Space Station Crew To Launch April 7
March 30, 2007Defense Secretary Says $700 Billion Budget Key to Military Revamp
March 29, 2007Victim-Centered Approach Is Key To Fighting Human Trafficking
March 29, 2007Businesses Urged To Back U.S.-India Education Partnerships
March 29, 2007Iran Should Release British Sailors Unconditionally, U.S. Says
March 29, 2007Bush Rejects Restrictions on Iraq Operations
March 28, 2007Indonesia Agrees To Resume Sharing Avian Flu Samples
March 28, 2007United States Sees Broadening of International Concern over Iran
March 26, 2007New Sanctions a "Significant Rebuke" to Iran, State's Burns Says
March 26, 2007Rice Calls Upon All States To Advance Mideast Peace Process
March 26, 2007International Mission To Study Sun Returns Spectacular Images
March 26, 2007Higher Education Theme for Trip by State’s Hughes to India
March 23, 2007International Partnerships Plan Continued Exploration of Mars
March 23, 2007Talks on North Korean Nuclear Program “On Track,” U.S. Says
March 23, 2007United States Has Global Approach to Aiding Trafficking Victims
March 23, 2007U.S.-Brazil Biofuels Pact Has Broad Significance
March 22, 2007Rice Traveling to Middle East To Support Two-State Solution
March 22, 2007U.S. Urges Greater International Support for Afghanistan
March 22, 2007United States Has Global Approach To Aiding Trafficking Victims
March 22, 2007Mechanized Explorers Study the Depths, Chemistry of Mars
March 20, 2007End of Fund Dispute Clears Way for North Korean Nuclear Talks
March 20, 2007Bush Sees Hopeful Signs on Fourth Anniversary of Iraq Mission
March 20, 2007Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues "Truly Bipartisan"
March 19, 2007Russian, Chinese Capital Markets Need Democratic Institutions
March 19, 2007International Summit Tackles Challenge of Aging Populations
March 19, 2007Turing Award Winner Sees New Day for Women Scientists, Engineers
March 19, 2007Tibetan Human Rights Get U.S. Congressional Attention
March 16, 2007Ruling on Macau Bank Unlikely To Derail North Korea Talks
March 16, 2007Health Authorities Work Together in Global Flu Battle
March 16, 2007U.S. Commander Reviews Planned U.S. Troop Cuts in Europe
March 16, 2007U.S., U.N. Officials Agree To Coordinate Avian Flu Efforts
March 14, 2007Democrats in Congress Push Measures To Curb Global Warming
March 14, 2007Millennium Aid Funding Achieving Results, Official Says
March 12, 2007Weak Financial Markets Hold China Back, Treasury Secretary Says
March 12, 2007Jamestown, Cradle of U.S. Democracy, Celebrates 400th Anniversary
March 12, 2007NASA To Host International Space University Summer Session
March 12, 2007United States, Brazil Expand Energy Cooperation
March 9, 2007Jordan’s King Abdullah Stresses Urgency of Mideast Peace Process
March 9, 2007United States Sends Aid to Earthquake Victims in Indonesia
March 9, 2007Chinese Military Buildup a Source of Interest and Concern
March 8, 2007U.S. Military Increasing Contacts with China, Commanders Say
March 8, 2007North Korea Talks on Track, U.S. Negotiator Says
March 8, 2007Astronaut Suni Williams Describes Life Aboard Space Station
March 8, 2007Secretary Rice Inaugurates International Women of Courage Award
March 7, 2007State Department Releases 2006 Reports on Human Rights Practices
March 5, 2007First Human Avian Flu Case in Laos, More in China, Egypt
March 5, 2007U.S. To Welcome Record Number of International Visitors in 2007
March 5, 2007Gender Equality Linked to Economic Growth, U.S. Official says
March 5, 2007Agreement Near on Second U.N. Resolution on Iran, U.S. Says
March 2, 2007Negroponte Meets the Press in Tokyo
March 1, 2007U.S. House Approves New Review Process for Foreign Investment
March 1, 2007U.S. Climate Change Policies Part of Broader Development Agenda
March 1, 2007U.S. Treasury Prepared To Resolve Banco Delta Asia Case
March 1, 2007Cheney, Afghan President Review Progress in War Against Taliban
Feb. 26, 2007United States Seeks Global Harmonization of Air Traffic Control
Feb. 26, 2007U.S. Aid to Africa Triples During Bush Administration
Feb. 26, 2007Visitors to U.S. Have New Way To Report Entry, Exit Problems
Feb. 26, 2007Cheney Hails Security Alliances with Japan, Australia
Feb. 23, 2007Free Speech on Internet a Basic Human Right, United States Says
Feb. 23, 2007U.S., India Call for Expanded Trade in Advanced Technologies
Feb. 23, 2007North Korea Nuclear Deal Hinges on 60-Day Timetable, Hill Says
Feb. 22, 2007Rice Reports on Mideast Visits to International Peace Partners
Feb. 22, 2007Women Increasingly Likely To Be Leaders in U.S. Higher Education
Feb. 22, 2007U.S. Foreign Assistance To Focus on Long-Term Development
Feb. 21, 2007North Korea Nuclear Deal Seen Strengthening U.S.-China Ties
Feb. 20, 2007Rice Begins Middle East Trip with Surprise Stop in Baghdad
Feb. 20, 2007House Adopts Resolution Disapproving New Iraq Policy
Feb. 20, 2007U.S. Official Dispels "Alarmist Views" of China in Africa
Feb. 20, 2007Asia Seen as Next Focus of Agricultural Biotech Production
Feb. 16, 2007Next Shuttle Mission To Ready Space Station for Lab Modules
Feb. 16, 2007Bush Announces New Plan for Afghanistan
Feb. 15, 2007Democrats Call for Fundamental Shift in U.S. Trade Policy
Feb. 15, 2007Bush Hails Progress in Six-Party Talks
Feb. 15, 2007Oil Prices Likely To Remain High, Says U.S. Central Bank
Feb. 15, 2007U.S., World Community Focus on Strengthening Internet Freedom
Feb. 14, 2007Ambassador Schieffer Speaks at ACCJ
Feb. 14, 2007Ambassador Schieffer Comments on Six-Party Agreement
Feb. 14, 2007U.S. Concerned About China Steel Industry Expansion, Subsidies
Feb. 14, 2007North Korea Nuclear Deal a “Breakthrough,” Rice Says
Feb. 14, 2007New Fuels Have Huge Potential To Reduce Gasoline Use
Feb. 13, 2007Bush Wants $2.7 Billion in 2008 Budget for Energy Research
Feb. 13, 2007U.S. Envoy Cautiously Optimistic About Six-Party Progress
Feb. 13, 2007U.S. Anti-HIV/AIDS Effort Could Become Largest in History
Feb. 13, 2007U.S. Urges Negotiations To Ban Material for Nuclear Bombs
Feb. 9, 2007International Effort Needed Against Unwanted Commercial E-Mail
Feb. 9, 2007U.S. Must Enhance Diplomatic Resources To Meet Global Challenges
Feb. 9, 2007Bush Seeks $294.8 Billion for Counterterrorism
Feb. 7, 2007Purpose of Six-Party Talks Is Nuclear-Free Korea, U.S. Envoy Says
Feb. 6, 2007Bush Seeks Funding To Improve U.S. Energy Security, Environment
Feb. 6, 2007First Muslim in U.S. Congress Speaks on Faith and Democracy
Feb. 6, 2007Bush’s Budget Request Would Continue Increase in Foreign Aid
Feb. 5, 2007U.S. Officials Praise Climate Change Report
Feb. 5, 2007United States Files Trade Complaint Against China’s Subsidies
Feb. 5, 2007Bush Calls for Bipartisan Support of Ambitious Agenda
Feb. 5, 2007U.S. Seeks More Transparency from China on Defense Issues
Feb. 2, 2007U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Proposes Fee Increases
Feb. 2, 2007“Substantial Start” Sought Toward Nuclear-Free Korean Peninsula
Feb. 1, 2007Interview with Chris Sheridan, Co-Director of "Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story"
Feb. 1, 2007Ambassador Schieffer Discusses Agricultural Biotech with ISAAA Chairman Clive James
Feb. 1, 2007Ambassador Schieffer Hosts Biotech Discussion
Feb. 1, 2007Bush Administration Proposes Cutting Farm Subsidies
Feb. 1, 2007Black History Month Honors Stories of Determination and Triumph
Feb. 1, 2007Super Bowl Breaks Ground with First Black Coaches
Feb. 1, 2007Treasury’s Paulson Pledges To Keep Pressing China on Currency
Jan. 31, 2007Diet Members Visit Guam
Jan. 29, 2007Avian Influenza Causes More Human Deaths in Indonesia, Egypt
Jan. 29, 2007Black History Month Tells Story of Determination and Triumph
Jan. 29, 2007Bush Targets U.S. Energy Security, Affordable Health Care Access
Jan. 29, 2007African-American Newcomers, Veterans Share Political Spotlight
Jan. 25, 2007Members of Congress Question Iraq Plan, Seek Alternatives
Jan. 25, 2007Bush Calls for Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Jan. 25, 2007Bush Warns Failure in Iraq Would Be “Grievous and Far Reaching”
Jan. 24, 2007President Bush Plans To Strengthen America’s Energy Security
Jan. 24, 2007White House Releases Overview of President’s Address
Jan. 24, 2007President Bush Discusses Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief
Jan. 24, 2007Congressional Democrats To Push Labor Issues in Free Trade Talks
Jan. 23, 2007Job Displacement Tied to Technology, but Trade Gets More Blame
Jan. 23, 2007U.S. State Department Reviews Nations' Anti-trafficking Progress
Jan. 23, 2007U.S. Envoy Says Progress Possible in North Korea Nuclear Talks
Jan. 23, 2007State of the Union Address to Outline President's Agenda
Jan. 22, 2007Tokyo American Center Relocation Scheduled for End of January
Jan. 22, 2007Meetings with North Korean Official "Positive," Says U.S. Envoy
Jan. 22, 2007East Asians Abandoned Protectionism To Sustain Prosperity
Jan. 22, 2007U.S. 2008 Presidential Election Campaigns off to an Early Start
Jan. 22, 2007First Female Speaker To Preside at State of the Union
Jan. 19, 2007WTO Fights Protectionism in Number of Different Ways
Jan. 19, 2007Potential Gains from Freeing Global Trade Are Substantial
Jan. 19, 2007Developing Countries Benefit by Opening Markets to Each Other
Jan. 18, 2007Korean Nuclear Talks’ Process Seen Achieving Multiple Goals
Jan. 18, 2007Rice Says New Mideast Talks Transcend Sequence of Road Map
Jan. 18, 2007More Bird Flu Deaths in Humans Reported as Milestone Is Passed
Jan. 17, 2007Rice Announces Israeli, Palestinian Talks on Mideast Road Map
Jan. 17, 2007New Free Software Will Help Close Digital Divide in Education
Jan. 17, 2007U.S. Proud of Immigrant Tradition, State’s Sauerbrey Says
Jan. 17, 2007Labor Contracts with North Korea Inadvisable, U.S. Envoy Says
Jan. 16, 2007Rice Launches Mideast Consultations on Iraq, Iran, Mideast Peace
Jan. 16, 2007Dow Jones Stock Index Hits Record High, Again
Jan. 16, 2007Rice Sees Iraq’s Problem as One of Capability, Not Resolve
Jan. 12, 2007U.S. Officials Say Troop Boost Relies on Iraq Doing Its Part
Jan. 12, 2007Rice Pledges More Civilian Advisers To Assist Iraq
Jan. 12, 2007Bush Sending Additional U.S. Forces To Support Iraqi Troops
Jan. 12, 2007Members of Congress Differ on New U.S. Troop Commitment to Iraq
Jan. 11, 2007Congressional Leaders Pledge Bipartisan Immigration Reform Effort
Jan. 11, 2007Bush To Call for Additional U.S. Forces To Support Iraqi Troops
Jan. 11, 2007United States Submits Burma Resolution to U.N. Security Council
Jan. 11, 2007White House Outlines Bush’s New Iraq Strategy
Jan. 10, 2007U.S., Japan To Increase Energy Research Cooperation
Jan. 9, 2007U.S. Agencies Hold First Public Meeting on Nanotechnology Safety
Jan. 9, 2007Career Diplomat Nominated as Deputy Secretary of State
Jan. 9, 2007Rice Says Discussions Continue on Resuming Korea Nuclear Talks
Jan. 9, 2007Bush Confident of “Common Ground” with Congressional Democrats
Jan. 5, 2007New Congress Must Revitalize U.S. Trade Policy, Senator Baucus Says
Jan. 5, 2007110th Congress Brings New Leadership to Senate
Jan. 5, 2007Congressman Takes Oath of Office on Thomas Jefferson’s Quran
Jan. 4, 2007Bush Looks Ahead to Working with 110th Congress
Jan. 3, 2007Times Square a Focus of New Year's Eve Festivities
Jan. 3, 2007Work-Based Learning Attracts International Professionals to U.S.
Jan. 3, 2007President Ford Served When America “Needed Him Most,” Bush Says
Jan. 3, 2007NASA Rovers, Mars Orbiter Changing Understanding of Mars