Bilateral Commission Studies Marine Asset Tag Tracking System

April 27, 2007

Commencement of a Study Between the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation and the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to Verify the Communications Capability of the Marine Asset Tag Tracking System (MATTS) Technology

A verification study of the communications capability of the Marine Asset Tag Tracking System (MATTS) technology developed by DHS will be conducted in the maritime transportation environment between Japan and the U.S. beginning April 28, 2007. The test will be conducted with the support of the Ports and Harbors Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation based on a request by DHS under the U.S.-Japan Framework Initiative for a Safe and Secure Society and the U.S.-Japan Science and Technology Agreement.

The Marine Asset Tag Tracking System (MATTS) supports DHS's consolidated cargo security strategy by providing remote global communications and tracking. MATTS is also applicable to other intermodal needs such as the tracking of in-bond shipments by reporting container status and location through numerous points across the supply chain in close to real time. When installed, MATTS will be able to ascertain information on a container's location and forward security status using multiple communications protocols. This is the first of several pilot tests to ensure MATTS communications work on a global basis.

This test will utilize 100 MATTS devices on shipping containers between ports in Japan and the U.S. The test will commence on April 28 and will be completed in August.

This cooperation is an excellent example of the on-going cooperation between the Government of Japan and the United States Government in an effort to ensure the safety and security of our societies.

Outline of MATTS test:

1.OutlineShip 100 containers with MATTS communication devices installed in a seaport in Japan to the U.S.
2.PlacesAPL's terminals in the Ports of Yokohama and San Pedro, CA on to facilities in the Midwest-all working in cooperation with the DHS
3.DateThe test will start with the shipment on April 28, 2007, and will be completed in August.