Embassy Archives - 2004

Dec. 17, 2004Press Statement on U.S.-Japan Beef Trade Talks
Dec. 17, 2004Ambassador Baker Schedules his Departure
Dec. 15, 2004Reflections on my Australian Journey
Dec. 14, 2004Ambassador Baker Speaks at Japan Press Club
Dec. 9, 2004The U.S. is a Great Place to Study: Ambassador Baker
Dec. 9, 2004U.S. Welcomes Japan's Commitment to Iraq
Dec. 7, 2004Combating Human Trafficking - The Fight to Champion the Dignity of Others
Nov. 22, 2004U.S. Embassy Addresses Regulatory Reform Council
Nov. 15, 2004Defense Under Secretary Douglas Feith Meets the Press
Nov. 12, 2004Physiological Maturity of Beef Cattle Carcasses: Terms of Reference
Nov. 12, 2004What is the Beef Export Verification Program (BEV)?
Nov. 12, 2004Ambassador Baker Addresses America-Japan Society
Nov. 8, 2004Ambassador Baker Holds Nov. 8 Press Roundtable
Nov. 5, 2004U.S. to Provide $100,000 More for Niigata Earthquake Victims
Nov. 3, 2004Statement by U.S. Ambassador Howard H. Baker, Jr. on the Court Martial of Sergeant Charles Robert Jenkins
Oct. 31, 2004Statement by Ambassador Howard H. Baker, Jr. on the Death of Mr. Shosei Koda
Oct. 25, 2004Ambassador Baker Authorizes Disbursal of $50,000 to Aid Earthquake Victims
Oct. 23, 2004Under Secretary Penn Discusses Beef Trade Resumption Agreement
Oct. 23, 2004Joint Press Statement for the Resumption of Trade in Beef and Beef Products
Oct. 19, 2004Fourth Japan-U.S. Consultation on the BSE issue
Oct. 18, 2004USCIS Deputy Director Speaks at Tokyo Naturalization Ceremony
Oct. 18, 2004USCIS Hosts Military Naturalization Ceremony in Tokyo
Oct. 13, 2004Armitage Speaks to the Press after MOFA Meeting
Oct. 13, 2004Armitage Answers Reporters' Questions After Meeting Japanese Leaders
Oct. 13, 2004Armitage Holds Embassy Press Conference Oct. 13
Oct. 8, 2004U.S. Announces Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy (STOP!)
Oct. 1, 2004Ambassador Baker Congratulates Ichiro for Record Number of Hits
Sept. 24, 2004Embassy Introduces U.S. Biotech Industry at "BioJapan 2004" exhibition
Sept. 23, 2004Under Secretary Larson Says Globalization will Bring Lasting Development
Sept. 3, 2004Response to Question on CH-53D Accident Investigation
Aug. 31, 2004Ambassador Howard H. Baker, Jr. Undergoes Heart Surgery
Aug. 31, 2004U.S. Comments on ICC Framework for Interconnection Charges
Aug. 27, 2004Background Brief on CH-53 Helicopter Accident
Aug. 24, 2004U.S. Comments to Japan Ministry on Radio Spectrum Draft
Aug. 23, 2004U.S. Comments on Administrative Procedures to Japan Ministry
Aug. 20, 2004Remarks to the South Australia Press Club
Aug. 12, 2004Lisa Guillermin Gable Appointed Commissioner General for the U.S. Pavillion at the 2005 Aichi Expo
Aug. 12, 2004Ambassador Baker's statement on the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi
July 23, 2004Under Secretary Bolton on Fuji TV
July 23, 2004Bolton Urges North Korea to Follow Libyan Model on WMD
July 23, 2004BSE Working Group Concludes Report
July 22, 2004Remarks to the Federation of Automotive Products Manufacturers' 46th Annual Convention
July 18, 2004Ambassador Baker Meets Foreign Minister Kawaguchi Over Jenkins Case
July 16, 2004Statement on U.S. Congressional Approval of the U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement
July 15, 2004Ambassador Baker Holds July 15 Press Roundtable
July 10, 2004Time for Japan to be Ambitious on Global Trade
July 8, 2004'Ron-Yasu' relationship model for Japan-U.S. ties
July 4, 2004Ambassador Baker Offers July 4 Greetings
June 23, 2004First Lady Presents Strategies to Fight Human Trafficking
June 23, 2004Ambassador Baker Speaks at Tokyo Human Trafficking Conference
June 23, 2004Remarks by Assistant Cabinet Secretary Yachi on Human Trafficking
June 23, 2004Speech by Lower House Member Moriyama on Why Trafficking in Persons is an Important Issue
June 21, 2004Statement to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade
June 3, 2004Ambassador Baker Speaks at 10th Nikkei Forum on the Future of Asia
May 13, 2004Treasury Under Secretary Taylor Recaps Japan Visit
May 8, 2004Address to the Coral Sea Celebration - Perth
April 3, 2004Bush commemorates 150 years of U.S.-Japan ties
March 25, 2004The Best Team
March 23, 2004An American Perspective on National Security in a Borderless World
March 22, 2004Japan needs international child support law
March 10, 2004Ambassador Baker Addresses 177th Executive Luncheon Meeting at Okura Hotel
Feb. 20, 2004U.S. and Japan Sign Bilateral Social Security Agreement
Feb. 20, 2004Bolton Sums up Arms Control Efforts at Tokyo Press Conference
Feb. 18, 2004Bolton Discusses Six-Party Talks on CNN
Feb. 12, 2004USTR Zoellick Discusses Doha, BSE at Tokyo Press Conference
Feb. 9, 2004Armitage: U.S. won't relent on North Korean nuke issue
Feb. 9, 2004Zoellick to Visit Japan in Global Push for Doha
Feb. 2, 2004Armitage Speaks at Japan National Press Club
Feb. 2, 2004US-Japan Economic Relations: Hopes for Japanese Economic Recovery
Jan. 26, 2004Internet-based Appointment System for Visa Interviews Begins
Jan. 23, 2004USDA and FDA officials discuss BSE at Tokyo press conference
Jan. 13, 2004Abraham Lists Benefits of Joint U.S.-Japan Approach on Energy Security
Jan. 12, 2004General Richard Myers Roundtable with Japanese Media
Jan. 10, 2004Shared Risks, Shared Rewards