President Obama Addresses the U.N. General Assembly

Sept. 24 - President Obama, in his Sept. 23 address to the United Nations General Assembly, spoke of what America has done to address recent challenges, from international cooperation on financial stability, to withdrawal from Iraq and refocusing on Afghanistan. He spoke about the ongoing international commitment to hold Iran accountable on its nuclear program, and concluded with a focus on human rights, a forceful denunciation of tyranny, and a call for the world to come together for global development as described in his Sept. 22 remarks at the Millennium Development Goals Summit. At the Sept. 23 UNSC Summit on Peacekeeping, Secretary of State Clinton stressed the United States' commitment "to improving U.N. operations, not just because we think it's the right thing to do and not just because the humanitarian imperative is so strong in our own value system, but because we actually think it's smart and strategic as well." [Full remarks and Video]