Illegal Wildlife Trafficking Public Service Announcement

The Department of State, in partnership with non-profit organization WildAid, has produced three television public service announcements to combat wildlife trafficking featuring actor Harrison Ford. Unchecked demand for exotic pets, rare foods, trophies and traditional medicines is driving many species to the brink of extinction. The illegal wildlife trade is often linked to organized crime and involves many of the same culprits and smuggling routes as trafficking in arms, drugs, and persons. [More]

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Don't Buy It

"If somebody tells you 'Don't worry about the slaughter of tigers and elephants, there are lots of them out there ...,' don't buy it. And if they say it's fine to buy products made from animals facing extinction. Definitely, don't buy it. Our endangered animals are being destroyed by illegal wildlife trade. It's up to us to stop it. Never buy illegal wildlife products. When the buying stops the killing can too. You said it pal."


"We have a situation here. Our planet's endangered animals are vanishing at an alarming rate. Connect the dots and you discover a thin line separates a buyer from a killer. In other words, if you buy an illegal wildlife product here, you kill an endangered animal here. So please, don't do it. When the buying stops, the killing can too. Case closed."


"Some people call this a souvenir, I call it criminal. Many of the world's most magnificent animals are being pushed towards extinction by the illegal trade in products made from their body parts. When you travel abroad you may be offered some of these products. They might look nothing like the animal itself, but don't be fooled, an animal's been killed to make one of these. Thanks anyway, drop me a postcard instead. Please remember, when the buying stops, the killing can too."