Embassy Expresses Appreciation for Japanese Aid to Hurricane Katrina Victims

September 2, 2005

The Embassy of the United States in Japan expresses its sincere appreciation for the generous donation announced today by the Government of Japan in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Japan's donation of US$200,000 through the American Red Cross, as well as its offer of much-needed tents, blankets and power generators amounting to US$300,000, will be invaluable as disaster assistance teams work to save lives and relief organizations begin to rebuild communities after what President Bush has called "one of the worst natural disasters in our nation's history."

For those private citizens wishing to assist the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, we recommend visiting the American Red Cross Web site at in order to make a cash donation. Please note that the U.S. Embassy and its Consulates cannot receive any donations on behalf of this relief effort.