2011 Symposium Series on Strengthening Educational Exchanges

Graduating students

Feb. 23 - The U.S. Embassy is pleased to announce our 2011 Symposium Series, "Strengthening Educational Exchanges between Japan and the United States." "U.S. Higher Education and Best Practices among Japanese Universities" will launch the symposium on Feb. 28 at Meiji University and address what Japanese educators and students can do to reverse the declining number of Japanese students studying in the U.S. "Applying to Both Japanese and U.S. Universities and Career Possibilities after Studying in the U.S." will be held at the Embassy on March 11 and the Kansai American Center on March 25 and will demonstrate the merits of studying at U.S. universities with presentations by experts from Fulbright Japan, Benesse Corporation, and Recruit. "America Now" on March 16 at the Embassy will connect Japanese students via Internet-based video with young Japanese professionals in Los Angeles to discuss what it is like to live and work in America's multicultural environment. Please see the links above for more information.