Ambassador Roos Applauds Efforts of Renewable Energy Exhibitors

March 2, 2011

U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos today participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony to open Japan Renewable Energy Week 2011, a multi-exposition event at Tokyo Big Sight that brings together providers and consumers of products, technologies, and services related to renewable energy. The expositions on hydrogen and fuel cells, photovoltaic power generation and power generation systems, rechargeable batteries, ecological buildings, and smart grid are some of the largest of their kind, gathering hundreds of exhibitors from around the world and over a hundred thousand attendees.

Noting that the high level of interest in the event is a sign of the importance of clean technologies to the future of both the U.S. and Japanese economies, Ambassador Roos applauded the participants for pushing the envelope on exciting new technologies and contributing to solutions to global energy and environmental challenges. He welcomed the opportunity to exchange views with some of the representatives of U.S. national labs, universities, and over 30 U.S. companies about their interests and developing new "green" markets.

Ambassador Roos, underlining the fact that many of the U.S. firms are collaborating with Japanese businesses, said:

The United States and Japan are global leaders in clean technology with complementary strengths. By combining our expertise, we can accelerate the adoption of these necessary technologies in our own countries and around the world. As President Obama has emphasized, the effort to build a sustainable, clean energy global economy can drive investment and job creation around the world.