Letter from President Obama to the Emperor

March 24, 2011

His Majesty
The Emperor of Japan

Your Majesty:

Please allow me to convey the deep sympathy felt by all Americans for the suffering of the people of Japan. The devastation and loss of life caused by the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that struck your nation on March 11 is heartbreaking, and our prayers are with you in this time of grief.

The United States has put all available means of support at Japan’s disposal, and countless American citizens and organizations have also reached out to help. I speak for all Americans in expressing admiration for the courage, strength, and determination with which the people of Japan are responding to this crisis. I have every confidence that Japan will rebound from this tragedy even stronger than before and set an example for other nations through your resilience. As the people of Japan recover and rebuild, the United States will stand steadfast by your side as a friend, partner, and ally.


Barack Obama