U.S. Delegation Arrives in Japan for Discussions on Iran Sanctions

January 18, 2012

A U.S. Government delegation co-led by the State Department's Special Advisor on Nonproliferation and Arms Control Robert J. Einhorn and the Treasury Department's Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing Daniel L. Glaser will be in Tokyo Jan. 18 -20 to hold discussions with counterparts in the Japanese government.

The U.S. delegation is coordinating closely with Japan, as well as with other U.S. allies in the region, on the implementation of new sanctions on Iran that President Obama signed into law on Dec. 31, 2011. The sanctions are designed to target Iran's crude oil revenues while maintaining stability in international oil markets. The sanctions also target foreign financial institutions for certain kinds of transactions with the Central Bank of Iran and designated Iranian financial institutions.

The United States welcomes the fact that its partners are already taking steps to diversify their energy supply away from Iranian crude oil and isolate the Central Bank of Iran from the international financial system. Both the United States and Japan are united in their commitment to resolving the international community's outstanding concerns over Iran's nuclear program.