Project to Support Female Collegiate Athletes in the U.S. and Japan

March 6, 2013

The TOMODACHI Initiative is proud to support Nike Japan's launch of the "TOMODACHI x NIKE GO GIRL PROJECT." This new project aims to support female collegiate athletes in Japan who were affected by 2011's Great East Japan Earthquake and female collegiate athletes from the United States by offering unique, cross-cultural exchanges through sport.

The goal of the "TOMODACHI x NIKE GO GIRL PROJECT" is to further deepen bilateral ties between Japan and the United States through sport by fostering friendship and bonding among two groups of young female Japanese and American collegiate athletes who will participate together in running events in both Japan and the U.S. later on this year. Twelve female students from disaster-afflicted areas in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima Prefectures will join together with twelve collegiate women from the U.S., and have the opportunity to eat, sleep, and train together and offer mutual encouragement and support as they prepare for the events.

The American team will arrive in Tokyo on Thursday, March 7, where they will join their Japanese counterparts before traveling to Nagoya, where they will be greeted by U.S. Consulate Nagoya Acting Principal Officer Stephen Wheeler. On Sunday, March 10 the athletes will participate in the "Nagoya Women's Marathon" and the "Marathon Festival Nagoya, Aichi." After returning to the U.S. following the Nagoya events, the students will continue to interact and deepen their friendships through social media, before the Japan team travels to the United States to participate in Nike's running event in New York.

In recognition of this important exchange program, U.S. Ambassador to Japan John V. Roos stated, "These young women are a symbol of the renewed hope and friendship shared by the United States and Japan as our two countries helped each other through the trials brought on by natural disasters. I'm thrilled that they will take part in an athletic exchange that will enrich and deepen the relationship between us."

"Nike is proud to be involved in the TOMODACHI project. We believe that this presents a great opportunity, through the power of sport, to foster stronger ties between young people living in communities in Japan and the United States," said Carl Grebert, General Manager of Nike Japan. "We hope that the experience of participating in these events together on both sides of the Pacific, bring inspirations and serve to improve cross cultural exchange and understanding."

TOMODACHI is a public-private partnership, led by the United States Government and the U.S.-Japan Council and supported by the Japanese Government, that supports Japan's recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and invests in the next generation of Japanese and Americans in ways that strengthen cultural and economic ties and deepen the friendship between the United States and Japan over the long-term.

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The "TOMODACHI x NIKE GO GIRL PROJECT" is part of Nike's long-term commitment to inspire those affected in Tohoku by the tragic events of March 2011. This new project follows on from the "All for Japan" initiative that was launched in 2011. Through the "TOMODACHI x NIKE GO GIRL PROJECT," Nike intends to keep providing inspiration and encouraging new challenges through sport.

TOMODACHI x NIKE GO GIRL PROJECT Activity Schedule in Japan

Weds, March 6 American members leave the U.S.
Thurs, March 7 American members arrive in Tokyo and join Japanese members
Fri, March 8 Cross-cultural program – travel to Nagoya, Aichi Participate in "Marathon Festival Nagoya, Aichi" EXPO
Sat, March 9 Cross-cultural program – Sightseeing and training Participate in "Marathon Festival Nagoya, Aichi" EXPO
Sun, March 10 Race day, Farewell party
Mon, March 11 American/Japanese members leave Nagoya

* Schedule subject to change.