Ambassador Kennedy Attends G7 Energy Ministerial in Kitakyushu

May 2, 2016

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy attended the G7 Energy Ministerial in Kitakyushu City, joining Secretary Ernest Moniz of the U.S. Department of Energy. This meeting was an opportunity for the Group of Seven to advance the Rome agenda which includes: reducing emissions, improving efficiency, promoting clean energy, as well as diversifying supply, modernizing infrastructure, improving emergency preparedness, and developing more transparent energy markets.

This was the Ambassador's first visit to Kitakyushu and third trip to Fukuoka Prefecture.

Ambassador Kennedy said: "Kitakyushu provides the ideal setting for global leaders to discuss energy security and sustainability in the face of climate change. This city's remarkable environmental turnaround proves that a strong economy depends on a safe environment and a healthy population. The grassroots environmental movement sparked by local women's associations shows the power each of us has to bring about positive change. Today, the City of Kitakyushu is a leader working with partners throughout the region to share its environmental expertise."