Ambassador Kennedy Travels to Kurashiki for G7 Education Ministerial

May 13, 2016

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy traveled to Kurashiki to participate in the G7 Education Ministerial. Ambassador Kennedy and the U.S. delegation enjoyed lunch with the students of Oimatsu Elementary School and observed a kendo class at the Nishi Middle School. The delegation also spoke with MEXT officials about the importance of U.S.-Japan efforts to increase student exchange.

Ambassador Kennedy said, "Kurashiki is a community that combines tradition and innovation, as I learned from our school visits today. This is a perfect place for a discussion on the future of education. Governor Ibaragi and Mayor Ito, who both studied in the United States, are role models exemplifying the value of international education. This gathering signifies the importance of education to all G7 countries, and the discussions this weekend will lead to improved collaboration on education among the network of G7 partners."